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Nightmare Fuel / AMBER: Journeys Beyond

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  • The setting of the game in itself is disturbing. A house full of ghosts, in the middle of rural North Carolina, with almost no one around except you, Roxy, and the ghosts.
  • The apparitions that the house's security cameras pick up. Your handheld PEEK relays these to you without warning, most times making for a good Jump Scare. For added dramatic effect, the cameras automatically zoom and track where these events are happening, with some ominous music as well.
    • The scenes in the kitchen, from someone trying to open the back door, to another actually coming in and grabbing a knife, before jabbing it into the floor. It's probably Brice, which is even creepier if you know his backstory.
    • Maggie's room spontaneously leaking blood from the ceiling until it floods the whole room, making some of the furniture float, The Shining-style
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  • A ghost writing "Join Me" on the bathroom's mirror.
  • The television in the master bedroom. If you turn it on, it flickers a couple of times before it shows the POV of someone running through the kitchen and charging up the stairs towards you, screaming in a low, guttural fashion while your heart beats faster and faster as the person approaches. Once it rounds the corner into the bedroom, you're knocked out for a few moments.
  • Everything concerning Brice. He's both a conspiracy theorist and a delusional Stalker with a Crush who killed to get what he wanted.
  • On the same topic, special mention goes to a beehive you can disturb in the garden. If you do, a swarm of bees jumps out and hovers around the screen for about a minute, while a distorted, disembodied voice talks about Brice's conspiracies of UFOs and his supposed perverted desires and insanity, as if someone nearby has been watching what Brice was doing the whole time. Naturally, he doesn't take it well.
    Brice: You bees are all! A Bunch! OF LIARS!!
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  • Edwin's toy doll. If you look below the dock by the pond, you see its half-broken head rise from the water and slowly cry, "!". When you visit the time period when this doll was still functional, the creepiness factor should go away...but it doesn't, because you're viewing it through the imagination of a child who thinks his toys can talk, and in any way you see it, the doll's CG mannequin-like face just looks wrong.
  • How all the ghost scenarios begin, by you staring back at the person who died, with their spirit not recognizing themselves.
  • And for that matter, how they end as well.
    • Maggie's scenario ends with her running down a long, featureless corridor before supposedly joining Ted in the afterlife.
    • Edwin's ends with him following a ball into a jack-in-the-box, after his toys bid him goodbye.
    • Brice gets the worst of all, in which he thinks that aliens have finally found him, except what he sees is less of a spaceship, and more of a vortex to Hell.
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  • Near the end, you get to witness your own death as the circuit breaker electrocutes you as the power comes back on. In first person view, your soul gets sucked into a glowing blue tunnel that ends up at a floating platform in space with spinning Gothic arches, and it seems like that's the end for you.

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