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Nightmare Fuel / Ace Combat 2

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  • In the original game, the Z.O.E. was just a bonus boss that could fought on multiple levels, and served no purpose in the plot. But in the remake, the Z.O.E. gets expanded upon, and its all but implied to be an Artificial Intelligence. What’s more, the Rebels don’t know anything about it. It just shows up to assist them, with little to no information on why its assiting them.
  • The sheer length the Rebel Forces take to destroy Phoenix, eventually leading to them to FREAKING NUKE HIM, along with all of St. Ark. Did these idiots NOT learn from what happened in the Belkan War?
    • The cutscene that plays if you fail to shoot down the missile is pretty chilling as well. St. Ark goes down in flames, then the game cuts to the briefing room where you are told, while the alarm is wailing in the background, that a great number of lives was lost, and then you get to the credits. Thankfully you can try and beat the level again if you want the good ending.