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Mythology Gag / The Umbrella Academy (2019)

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  • Ben in the comics was stated in diary excerpts to only be doing his hero work to please Reginald and Luther, but in the Netflix adaptation, he is vocally uncomfortable about using his abilities and takes no pleasure in their missions.
  • Reginald's monocle becomes an important item in the comics that Five eventually finds, whereas in the Netflix adaptation, it doesn't appear to have any significant ability besides an accessory, since Diego tosses it away early on and it's never really brought up again.
  • Luther's codename "Spaceboy" in the comics is now just a nickname Allison uses to tell her daughter stories.
    • Actually, you can see at least two "Spaceboy" signs being held up by fans in Leonard's flashback, so it's safe to assume it's (or was at some point) his actual codename.
  • To stop Vanya, Number Five shot her in the back of the head in the comics. However in the adaptation Allison looks like she's considering shooting her sister in the back of her head, but instead puts the gun near her ear so the sound knocks her out instead.
  • Klaus sitting barefoot on the table in the first episode resembles a pose he does in the comics... although in the comics he does it while levitating.
    • Before he attempts to conjure Reginald in the same episode, Klaus kicks off his shoes—a reference to the comics, where shoes negate his powers.
  • Hargreeves had an article framed in his study about the Academy’s Eiffel Tower job, which was the first mission they went on in the comics.
  • Double as a blink-and-you’ll miss it, there is a Prime-8s’ poster in Diego’s room at the boxing club, alluding to the punk band he and Vanya were in during their teens in the comics.

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