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"He's a stranger in a strange land from a world far away, like a savior in the wasteland with a high price to pay."

"From a world that's never ending,
From a sky beyond the skies,
A child is born
And love is made alive.
Like a flaw that seeks perfection,
With a will that will survive,
A child is born
And love is made alive."
—"Made Alive"

Snow is a 2002 Rock Opera by the band Spock's Beard. It tells the story of an psychic albino boy, nicknamed Snow, who experiences a calling to leave his rural home for New York City. There he ends up amassing a messianic following.

A (much) longer description of the story can be found on the official website for the album.

Not to be confused with the Canadian reggae artist whose real name is Darrin O'Brien, or the Japanese pop singer "SNoW", who is also known by the name "Yukie"



Disc One
  1. "Made Alive/Overture" (5:32)
  2. "Stranger in a Strange Land" (4:29)
  3. "Long Time Suffering" (6:03)
  4. "Welcome to NYC" (3:32)
  5. "Love Beyond Words" (3:24)
  6. "The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick)" (4:05)
  7. "Devil's Got My Throat" (7:17)
  8. "Open Wide the Flood Gates" (6:14)
  9. "Open the Gates Part 2" (3:02)
  10. "Solitary Soul" (7:33)
  11. "Wind at My Back" (5:12)

Disc Two

  1. "Second Overture" (3:47)
  2. "4th of July" (3:11)
  3. "I'm the Guy" (4:48)
  4. "Reflection" (2:49)
  5. "Carie" (3:06)
  6. "Looking for Answers" (5:17)
  7. "Freak Boy" (2:12)
  8. "All Is Vanity" (4:35)
  9. "I'm Dying" (5:09)
  10. "Freak Boy Part 2" (3:01)
  11. "Devil's Got My Throat Revisted" (1:55)
  12. "Snow's Night Out" (2:04)
  13. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto on the Keyboards" (2:40)
  14. "I Will Go" (5:08)
  15. "Made Alive Again/Wind at My Back" (8:27)


Principal Members:

  • Nick D'Virgilio - drums, percussion, lead vocals ("Carie", "Looking for Answers")
  • Dave Meros - bass, vocals, French horn
  • Alan Morse - guitars, vocals, cello
  • Neal Morse - lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
  • Ryo Okumoto - keyboards, vocoder

The Devil's got my trope:

  • Angry Mob Song: "Devil's Got My Throat"
  • The Big Rotten Apple: New York is not depicted as a very nice city when he arrives.
  • BSoD Song: "Freak Boy - Part 2", where he embraces his downfall after Carie refuses him.
  • Meaningful Echo: "Behold the boy - The stranger, the working man's son" pops up as the first line in "Stranger In A Strange Land" and the first line (albeit without the word 'boy') in "Reflection".
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Snow's real name is John. This is only mentioned once more in the album, in "Reflection", where his parents wish he would change his name.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: "Carie" and "Looking For Answers" deal with Snow's obsession with Carie.