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Just some of the jackalope-themed covers used by their songs and albums.

Miike Snow ["Mike Snow"] is a Swedish indie pop band founded in 2007, in Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson and Pontus "Avant" Winnberg ("Bloodshy & Avant") and American singer Andrew Wyatt. The band has released three studio albums over the course of their career (see their discography below).

The band is prone for having their tracks remixed by other artists, ("Animal", for example, has about four separate officially endorsed remixes).

In 2011, the Album "Miike Snow" won a European Border Breakers Award for their international success.

Their Youtube channel featuring all of their songs, as well as their officially endorsed remixes, can be viewed here. They are also on Spotify, and can be listened to here.

The music video for Genghis Khan (no relation) has its own page.


Studio Albums
  • Miike Snow (2009)
  • Happy To You (2012)
  • iii (2016)

These tropes change shapes, but they are still just tropes:

  • Animal Motifs: The band, as well as the album art on their songs, is usually represented by a silhouetted image of a jackalope. One of the recurring themes in the music is animals; "Animal" is all about base animal instincts and filling unrequited love in various ways, with the Jackalope featuring very heavily in their music video for the song.
  • Lyrical Dissonance:
    • The music videos very rarely make any sense compared to the song itself "My Trigger" and "Animal" comes to mind. The former is about two factions wanting to push the button to start as nuclear war, the latter is just jackalope imagery with the band wearing animal masks on occasion, despite both songs being love-themed.
    • Inverted with "Devils Work" which is at least tangentially related, as a man in leather and PVC pants runs down a desert road, while a song about a man going after their former lover plays in the background.
  • Mind Screw: The doves at the end of "My Trigger" which just comes out of nowhere.
  • Running Gag: The Jackalope used in their cover art repeatedly makes appearances in music videos (usually near the start), and serves as their cover art on Spotify and such:
    • "The Rabbit" has a 30's-esque cartoon at the start that shows a Jackalope on the TV.
    • "Silvia" has a crude spray-painted Jackalope on a car part as the first cameras shot.
    • "Paddling Out" has a Jackalope on the label of the Banana juice bottle.
    • "Heart is Full" has a female assassin have a Jackalope skull on the end of a hook-chain they use to make a hole in the guy they're chasing.
    • "I Feel The Weight" has a time lapse of a sculptor making a Jackalope statue.