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Clockwise from left: Hyejin, Swan, Woo-Ah, KaRin, ChaeY

Craxy in the hall! Hello, we are Craxy!

Craxy (formerly known as "WishGirls") is a Girl Group consisting of four members - Woo-Ah, KaRin, Hyejin, and Swan that was formed by SA Itainment. The group was originally supposed to be a group of seven, but two members (Hana & Yujin) left the group before their official debut, and member ChaeY left the group in 2023. Each girl released a solo song before the full group debuted with Aria in March of 2020.

  • Current Members:
  • Woo-Ah: Leader, main rapper, vocalist, visual
  • KaRin: Main dancer, rapper, vocalist
  • Hyejin: Lead rapper, lead dancer, lead vocalist
  • Swan: Main vocalist, maknaenote 
  • Former Member:
  • ChaeY: Lead vocalist, lead dancer, maknae

  • My Universe - 2020
  • CRAXY Universe - 2022

Single Albums

  • My Universe - 2020
  • Gaia - 2021


  • Wish For You - 2018note 
  • Yours Is Mine - 2019note 
  • WishXMas - 2019note 
  • My Universe- 2020note 
  • Aria - 2020note 
  • To Dante - 2020note 
  • Gaia - 2021

Individual Pre-Debut Singles

Tropes that apply to Craxy:

  • All There in the Manual: The music video for "Aria" draws on Korean history and culture, with each girl representing a different part, while the backup dancers wear outfits inspired by hanboks and masks inspired by Hahoetal masks. "Aria" is also short for "Arirang", a Korean folk song that is often considered to be the anthem of Korea. The "Arirang" song usually features a refrain similar to "Arirang, arirang, arariyo", which can be heard in the chorus for "Aria" ("Ariari Ariri").
  • The Baby of the Bunch: ChaeY, the other members are at least three years older than her.
  • Bifauxnen: Both Hyejin and KaRin qualify to different extents.
  • Color Motif: For now it seems to be pink for ChaeY, red for Woo-Ah and black for KaRin, with the other two members not having a "set" colour.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business: The final dance break in "Aria" takes place in front of the backdrop of a solar eclipse.
  • Darker and Edgier: Quite a few of the girls became this as the group transformed from WishGirls to Craxy. KaRin went from having long blonde hair in her pre-debut single to having dyed black hair with silver ends and a silver undercut for their debut.
    • Hyejin started out with long brown hair that was cut to a shoulder-length bob and dyed a much ashier shade, while Swan had long red hair that was dyed dark brown, cut into an asymmetrical bob and given red streaks.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: The girls have a lot of female fans.
  • Fish out of Water: ChaeY, who dropped out of school to focus on being a trainee and talks about feeling out of place compared to the others.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Woo-Ah wears both a leather jacket and leather pants in "Aria".
  • Team Dad: Woo-Ah.