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  • The spirit of Irish Folklore, the Banshee, is often depicted as having some of these powers as well. But this is not original: Actually, the Banshee announces the impending death of a human being with a terrifying wailing or screaming. Since she does only announce, not cause death, she is not an evil spirit, rather a benevolent one (she wouldn't cry, if she didn't care about human affairs). Modern depictions in pop-culture however usually treat her as an evil being, who can (and tries to) kill people with the terrifying "cry of the banshee", giving rise to the notion of the banshee as a being with "Sonic Powers".
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  • The Chinese children's tale The Ten Brothers is about ten mystically-borne siblings that exhibit X-Men-worthy superpowers — the second youngest of the ten has a super-destructive cry.
  • From the Byliny (great epic poems of Russia), we have Solovey-Razboynik, or Nightingale the Robber, a human/bird hybrid monster who could stun or kill with a whistle. He was one of the arch-enemies of the Russian folk-hero Ilya Muromets.
  • Simeon is described in a portion of The Bible's Expanded Universe, The Book of Jasher to have a scream so loud that all pregnant women within a twenty-five mile radius will have a miscarriage.
  • Older Than Feudalism: The goat-god Pan in Classical Mythology is able to do a cry that would cause deranged terror in all mortals who heard it, and is the source of the English word "panic".
    • Also from Greek mythology were the neades, large beasts with roars so powerful that they could split the ground apart. They apparently drove their kind to extinction by roaring at each other so much they accidentally buried themselves alive.
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  • In Beti-Pahuin Mythology Ntoutoume Mfoulou was known for his supernatural vocalizations. During the cave battle against Oveng’s forces he screamed a mob of Gorillas into the walls before killing them. When the leadership of Engong needed undivided attention he would yell with such hurricane-like force that people, animals, and even rivers would stop in place to listen.


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