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A bust chart is a picture where characters in a work are lined up by breast size. A typical bust chart only includes the female characters of a work, lined up in profile by breast size, oftentimes displaying their measurements as well.

Bust charts are usually made to serve as a reference to help artists keep the proportions of a work's female characters consistent. However, since they can be very fanservicey they're also used as Bonus Material for fans. They are also common as Fan Art.

Sister Trope to Love Chart. See also Bust-Contrast Duo.

Important note: Most bust charts would violate our No Lewdness, No Prudishness policy. Please only image link bust charts where the characters are fully clothed.


Examples (by original media):

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    Anime and Manga 
  • One of the promotional pieces for My-HiME is an official bust chart, featured in Megami magazine #55, of the student characters in swimsuit line in profile by breasts and with their specific breast sizes below them.
  • A bust chart by the series creator is one the artworks in a Black Lagoon artbook, The Book of Venom. It features all of the female characters in lingerie lined up from the smallest chest to the biggest and it also displays their cup sizes. Ironically for all of the attractive women and Fanservice in series the bustiest characters are easily the least attractive, Flora, the overweight mistress of the Yellow Flag's upstairs brothel and the elderly nun Sister Yolanda, whose cup size is omega.
  • There's an official illustration of the Infinite Stratos features the main character's love interests in swimsuits at the beach standing side by side in order of their breast size.
  • Volume 3 of Maken-ki! contains four bust charts. One for small, average, big, and huge breasted characters. All the characters are in their underwear are lined in profile by their breast sizes and their three sizes are in display.
  • One of the official artworks of The Testament of Sister New Devil is of the girls of the main character's harem in swimsuits (with one just topless) standing in order of their breast size, with their cup sizes and measurements right above them.
  • Witchblade had a small chart in Megami magazine that featured four of the reoccurring females for the first third of the series. Strangely despite all jokes the main character gets about her large breasts she's actually out-sized by a more serious character.

    Video Games 

  • The official bust chart for Las Lindas features just about every female character in the series including ones from bonus comics (which is a lot) lined up by their breast sizes.
  • One of the donation wallpapers for Spinnerette is a bust chart with all the superpowered female characters in their usual attire lined up in order of breast size.
  • The creator of TwoKinds made one for his female characters featuring them nude and lined up by breast size. In the interest of fairness he made a similar one for his male characters, though some of the characters for the female one showed up there as well.
  • The menu screen for Miss Dynamite XXII has a bust chart with its characters in their underwear lined up in profile by bust size and their cup sizes above them.
  • Mastergodai the creator of Rascals is making a Work-In-Progress Bust Chart, which interestingly not only includes the female cast of Rascals but also includes his own Original Characters and other cast members of his other webcomics. You can keep track of the progress here. You can also check out the progress on his FurAffinity account. However be warned, while it has more images to show progress, it's also more NSFW because of it.


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