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Literature / Woodwalkers And Friends

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The logo of the series
Woodwalkers and Friends is a spin-off to the popularnote  German Urban Fantasy series Woodwalkers by Katja Brandis. It is some kind of Anthology series- its main purpose is to expand the universe of this series with short novels that can be read independently of each other.The series consists of:
  • Katzige Gefährtennote  (September 2020). Its main characters are Carag and Tikaani, the Official Couple of Woodwalkers, who want to travel to Tikaanis village to celebrate Tikaanis birthday- but before they can even start their journey they receive calls from Carags family who needs help to defend their territory from a wolf pack.

The series as a whole features the following tropes:

  • Animorphism: Just like in the other two series the main characters of this series can switch between their human and their animal form.
  • Interquel: Obviously.
  • Spin-Off: To Woodwalkers. The novels of the series are set during or between the events of the original books- for example, Katzige Gefährten is set between the last book of Woodwalkers and the first book of Seawalkers.

Katzige Gefährten features the following tropes: