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Inheritors is a Web Serial Novel by Ian Everett.

Follow Gabe, a clone of the greatest hero ever, as he struggles to survive a world where emotions grant fantastic powers and create cosmic horrors. When he stumbles on a senseless massacre, he sets out to clear his name and help the one survivor - the young Mateo - in finding justice.

Inheritors began in February 2018, releasing twice weekly (on varying days) with occasional bonus episodes, but was cancelled in August 2019. The series was rebooted in September 2020. Audiobook episodes are posted on YouTube.


Inheritors contains examples of:

  • Cape Punk: Inheritors deals with a world where 98% of people have superpowers of some kind, although with varying degrees of usefulness from not at all to world-changing.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Gabe to the max. Turns out being a Big Damn Hero runs in the DNA. He knows it isn't smart - he just can't help it.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: The Affect is just as likely to turn people into cosmic horrors as it is to turn them into capes.
  • Dark Magical Girl: Bedevil. She used to be a bright, bubbly Super Girl styled side-kick to Megajoule. Now? Alcoholic, depressed, violent, and falling apart.
  • Energy Absorption: Megajoule's power, and by extension, Gabe's as well. Megajoule could absorb, redirect, and convert any kind of energy he wished. However, Gabe learned that he can only absorb, redirect, and convert kinetic and thermal energy. This is a significant nerf from Megajoule's powers, but on the other end of the coin, Gabe's use of thermal energy is so instinctual that he is shown to be immune to all temperature conditions, something Megajoule had to actively manage.
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  • Lightning Bruiser: Gabe can launch himself through the air, absorb the energy of bullets, and hits hard enough to burst the windows of the buildings around him at one point. However, he needs to absorb enough energy to do this, and as a result, his power tends to scale based on who he's fighting; if he's fighting common thugs they don't give him enough energy to go nova, but when he fights super strong humans, he can unleash a lot more damage.
  • Spy Satellites: Foundation has an extensive network of drones that patrol the streets.