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Heat therapy reduces fear and anxiety.

Inheritors is a Web Serial Novel by Ian Everett (under the pseudonym Megajoule) following Gabe, a clone of the greatest superhero his world ever saw, with the ability to absorb and redirect thermal and kinetic energy.

Gabe lives in the gutters of Houston, hiding from government agencies that would liquidate him, and trying to live up to the legacy that Megajoule left behind. He bleeds in dark hallways, he breaks bones over little girls sold into sex slavery.

He wonders: can he make a difference when he’s got a fraction of the power that Megajoule had? Or is he doomed to being a cheap imitation of the real thing?

Inheritors began in February 2018, and is currently ongoing. It releases twice weekly (on varying days) with occasional bonus episodes.


Inheritors contains examples of:

  • A Protagonist Shall Lead Them: While not initially the leader of the Underground, after Flashfire is caught by FIS and Maisa is kidnapped by Pandahead, Gabe takes over leading the Underground

  • Action Girl: Quite a few! Bedevil, Snow Owl, Remise, Mil-dot, Saw Off, Carapace, Warspeed, Tachikaze, and even Epione, once she reveals her full powers

  • Adorkable: Gabe is kind of an adorkable guy: he can't cook well but tries anyway, he eats a kibble from Pawpaw's bowl just to try it out (and in general can't stop himself from petting Pawpaw whenever the dog comes near him), and stammers like a doofus around Bedevil, after they agree to be friends

  • The Alcoholic: Bedevil.

  • Alien Geometries: Pandahead's Thermos is far deeper than it should be, and actually leads to the realm the Fear lives in

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  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Epione's mansion comes under fire when Pandahead kidnaps Maisa and leads his sister's superhero team on a wild goose chase that ends up destroying the entire house.

  • Anything That Moves: Saw Off, while at first infatuated with Gabe, changes romantic attention often, and is self-described as pansexual.

  • The Anti-Nihilist: Gabe, with his rejection of Pandahead's moral nihilism and Sledge's faux utilitarianism. He sees the world that is broken and needs remaking.

  • Berserk Button: Gabe has this when he sees people hurting children, partially due to his upbringing in the government lab where they killed his fellow clones if they didn't show powers by age ten. Later, this is worsened when he discovers that they all had powers, but were being studied to find Megajoule's weakness.

  • Cannot Talk to Women: Gabe, somewhat. especially in regards to Bedevil, but anytime a girl shows attraction, he gets pretty frazzled.

  • Cape Punk: Inheritors deals with a world where 98% of people have superpowers of some kind, although with varying degrees of usefulness from not at all to world-changing.

  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Multiple examples.
    • Gabe to the max. Turns out being a Big Damn Hero runs in the DNA.
    • Flashfire can't help but take on bullies when he sees them.
    • Bedevil leaves in the middle of a street interview because she thinks she saw one of Maisa's kidnappers.

  • Cosmic Horror Story: the reveal that the Fear is an entity that feeds off of negative emotions and has conquered countless other worlds turns Inheritors into this.

  • Dark Magical Girl: Bedevil. She used to be a bright, bubbly Super Girl styled side-kick to Megajoule. Now? Alcoholic, depressed, violent, and falling apart.

  • Eldritch Abomination: Megajoule leaves a cryptic hint in his video logs about the Fear, which is eventually revealed as a parasitic entity riding in Pandahead's Thermos.

  • Emotionless Girl: Epione, when it's revealed that her power is not just stimulating or soothing pain, but control over emotions themselves. Further, she is autistic, and dealt with her myriad of confusing emotions by shutting them off with her power

  • Energy Absorption: Megajoule's power, and by extension, Gabe's as well. Megajoule could absorb, redirect, and convert any kind of energy he wished. However, Gabe learned that he can only absorb, redirect, and convert kinetic and thermal energy. This is a significant nerf from Megajoule's powers, but on the other end of the coin, Gabe's use of thermal energy is so instinctual that he is shown to be immune to all temperature conditions, something Megajoule had to actively manage.

  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Gabe catches Pandahead with this by removing his mask in front of Mr. Gold. Pandahead, in general, does not get Gabe and the Underground's relentless commitment to undoing his trafficking ring.

  • Expanded States of America: The United Western Continent. After superpowers emerged, many of the nations of the world fell into anarchy. The Americas, however, benefited from a group called Foundation (that eventually became an official government branch called the Office of Powered Individuals). The UWC is to the American continents what the EU is to the European nations, and the U.S. oversaw a large merger with other nations.

  • Extremely Short Timespan: The first arc takes place over a single weekend. A single, no good, very awful weekend. The next arc is not as compressed, but still not a very long time-frame, taking place over a week and a half.

  • Fallen Hero: Bedevil is a prime example, taking to the streets in a vigilante costume while drunk as hell to beat thugs into submission, even debating killing them to make the world better.

  • Government Agency of Fiction: Multiple examples.
    • FIS (the Federal Investigative Services). When the North American governments formed a union in the United Western Continent, F.I.S. was formed out of the many intelligence agencies to police the nation's powered peoples.
    • OPI (the Office of Powered Individuals). The executive branch of government that oversees the administration of superheroes and the laws regarding how they operate.

  • Heroes Unlimited: Arc 2 expands on the other mask and cape groups in Houston, and bonus episodes cover different POV's. Arc 3 saw even more of the legendary figures from Megajoule and Bedevil's past making appearances.

  • Improbable Infant Survival: Subverted in Pandahead, who is absolutely willing to gun down a room of his "stock" in order to prevent them from talking to police.

  • Lightning Bruiser: Gabe can launch himself through the air, absorb the energy of bullets, and hits hard enough to burst the windows of the buildings around him at one point. However, he needs to absorb enough energy to do this, and as a result, his power tends to scale based on who he's fighting; if he's fighting common thugs they don't give him enough energy to go nova, but when he fights super strong humans, he can unleash a lot more damage.

  • Martyr Without a Cause: Gabe starts off as one of these. Through Bedevil's training and encouragement, and his battle with Sledge, he eventually realizes that his death wouldn't gain anything special in the long run.

  • Must Make Amends: Bedevil, after severely hurting Gabe by calling him Megajoule's name in bed, tries to make up for her mistakes in several ways: by helping the Underground rescue Maisa, providing Gabe a place to live after the mansion is destroyed, and even picking up Saw Off's nickname for Gabe to help herself keep a distinction between Gabe and Megajoule.

  • My God, What Have I Done?: Multiple examples.
    • Bedevil flips out and falls into self-loathing after calling Gabe by Megajoule's name during sex.
    • Mr. Gold realizes he might be on the wrong side when he finds he's at the mercy of a sex trafficker ordering him to gun down world renowned hero, Megajoule.
    • Doc has had a long battle with the guilt of being ordered to find Megajoule's weaknesses, and leading the project that killed all of Gabe's fellow clones.

  • Not Quite Dead: Megajoule apparently had Oracle, a telepath, transfer a fragment of his consciousness or "memory construct" into Gabe's mind in order to guide him and provide emotional support. "Megajoule" is eventually revealed to be Rorschach, the Fear that infected Pandahead, and has been corrupting Gabe's mind in order to take over his body.

  • Pet the Dog: Bedevil's harsh exterior gives way to a soft marshmallow inside when it's revealed that she has five cats and one dopey, lovable golden retriever named Pawpaw.

  • Royal Brat: Pandahead, after his identity is revealed as Tim Prince, the son of a senator.

  • Save the Villain: sort of. Part of Gabe's plan in the Airport is to separate the Fear from Pandahead, which has the side effect of rescuing him.

  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Gabe has very little patience for villainous monologues or evil justifications. His usual rebuttal to some philosophy that justifies horrible crimes against humanity is to tell them to shut the fuck up. However, he does hear Mr. Gold and Krater out at multiple points, engaging in conversation between bouts of fighting with them.

  • The Sociopath: Pandahead. Although, with the admission that he used to be a protesting, vocal activist before he found the Fear, this may come down the corruption of Go Mad from the Revelation

  • Spy Satellites: Both the Underground (through Drone and Iso) and FIS make great use of cameras and drone footage to keep an eye on the battlefield.

  • Storming the Castle: Parlor.

  • Straw Nihilist: Pandahead.

  • Stronger Than They Look: Multiple examples.
    • Of course, Gabe. With his power being over direct energy manipulation, he can simulate super strength to match the strongest of his opponents, but he doesn't look particularly muscular like other heroes, such as Krater.
    • Trainwreck begins his battles as a scrawny dude in a white tank top, but swells up to a huge size as the fight goes on.
    • Bedevil can enhance her own strength with her telekinesis.
    • Epione, once she reveals that she has the power to borrow other powers

  • Training from Hell: Bedevil turns out to be a harsh drill sergeant for the Underground.

  • The Unfettered: Sledge, with his absolute commitment to protecting the UWC.

  • Unstoppable Rage: Multiple examples.
    • Gabe has a Berserk Button when kids are threatened or injured around him.
    • Trainwreck gets stronger and angrier the more you hurt him.
    • Krater seems to always be in this state when he fights.

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