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Abel Sánchez is a 1917 novel by Miguel de Unamuno. It tells the story of two friends, Abel Sanchez and Joaquín Monegro, though in fact it is obviously the story of Abel and Cain. The story is mostly told from the perspective of "Cain" Joaquín.

Abel and Joaquín were no relations by blood however they were friends from the early childhood. Except that Joaquín always secretly felt wild jealosy of Abel and his implied successes. In fact it is hard to compare their lives. Abel grew up to become an artist however Joaquín went into medicine.

Abel once was more successful in love, marrying a girl, Helena, whom Joaquín wanted. Still Joaquín found a wife for himself,named Antonia. Later they had a son (Abelin) and a daughter (Joaquín) who grew up to naturally married, as their fathers were such huge friends. They had a boy called Joaquín.

However Joaquín still thought that Abel ruined his life. He kept his rage inside so Abel was oblivious to his true sentiment. Once when Abel was ill, Joaquín was treating him. At some point


  • Cain and Abel: The story of the novel is Unamuno's take on that.
  • Generation Xerox: Abel and Helena have a son Abelin. While Joaquín and Antonia have a daughter Joaquina. Later the children get married and have a son, the little Joaquin.
  • The Hero Dies: Joaquín Monegro dies in the very end.
  • The Power of Love: Amtonia tries to save her husband Joaquín Monegro by that. She fails.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Joaquín Monegro confesses that envied and hated Abel Sánchez all his life. He repents his past. Helena уму forgives him for accelerating the death of his husband. She tells he can still live for some time. But he rejects it, unwilling to experience actual old age. Soon after that Joaquín dies.
  • Secondary Character Title: More like Deuteragonist title. Abel Sánchez is the second important character. Still the book is centered on the inner world of Joaquín Monegro.