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"Welcome to the channel. I'm a Minecraft builder who loves retro gaming and just a general laugh. This channel started as a fun side project but I am really enjoying what I am making and love to see that the Minecraft community is still as awesome as ever. I'm based in New Zealand but always try to stream and upload at times that are convenient for the U.S. and Europe." -Sunfire_SG himself

Sunfire SG, or Sunfire Sean Grey, or just Sean, is a breakout let's player of Minecraft on YouTube. Sunfire consistently sets himself apart from the common and tired parts of Minecraft let's playing through a lot of unique qualities. Just a few of them include his occasional clever editing to instill a story, proficiency with building nice-looking buildings, affliction of chronic pain, genuinely entertaining sense of humour, and even a noticeable tendency to start and maintain deep conversations about life itself.

One of the biggest aspects of Sunfire's online personality is how he, with his chronic pain, reacts to life in a rather strange way: stubbornly continue to play and record, often using the pain as a motivator to work on major projects more, rather than less. One incredible example was a night where he, between suddenly-juxtaposed edits, has major pain and then... spends about two and a half hours building a set from one of his favourite movies, the Ghostbusters office tower.

Sunfire's videos provide examples of:

  • Brand X: Sunfire's restaurant brands inside Suncorp. Likely as part of a humourous effort, he reveals weird Sunfire-themed pun names for Starbucks, McDonalds, and a few others.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Played with.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Sunfire almost inevitably slides into this by the middle or end of each Minecraft season. It hits the hardest on Craftaway, where he is completely consumed by his identity as an evil scientist in charge of a massive corporation.
  • Foil: Cobbledump, when starring in Sunfire's two-player videos on Mine Zealand. There's not much of a clash involved, but you'll quickly notice that Sunfire is a lot calmer and less snarky than him in the commentary.
  • Half-Truth: Sunfire, when in character, is bound to use many of these as a corporate executive.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: SG has one, but it's surprisingly realistic, cold, brutal, and unamusing. When you think about it, the laboratory on Craftaway is one of the most horrifying locations in modern-day Minecraft narratives.
  • The Plague: Sunfire has a corruption of mycelium "fungi infection" in his laboratory in the Craftaway world. Not actually in reality, of course, but the lore of his story is that the lab actually had to condemn one of its sectors for it.
  • Puff of Logic: Defied. Sunfire is probably the first person to make a Nether Aquarium in Minecraft Bedrock Edition using only exploits of a glitch found in servers hosted in the way Craftaway is hosted. Using a fast shovel, Sunfire found a way to break not sand, but the water blocks above the sand itself, which led to a block of water item that is immune to Nether cancellation. To this day, not one block of water placed inside The Nether for Sunfire's aquarium has evaporated.