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"Hey guys, look at me. I'm the guy behind Cobbledump, and I'm gonna show you something that's been bothering me for a long time. A technique to make Nether portals that's really fast, and doesn't seem to be used by most people in favour of a really stupid method of building Nether portals." -Cobbledump's first video, a Minecraft tutorial
"Subscribe for more Minecraft, subscribe for more average crap! Byyyyeee!"

Cobbledump is a YouTube channel centered around Minecraft and the adventures of one New Zealander playing it with or without friends, known as Edwardos or just Edward. The channel started out in 2016 as something of a joke and as a way of gaining entry into a Minecraft video server, calling itself "the most bearable Minecraft channel on YouTube". The first episode of his premiere series was named "The Microphone" after the fact that the microphone wasn't working properly. There is even a playlist containing all the videos the channel has ever uploaded, which tells you "Oh boy, that can't be easy to marathon."

Eventually, the channel grew into something that took itself more seriously, and many of the self-deprecating jokes ceased, but Edward's mannerisms and funny quirks stayed - including the cynicism towards big channels like Xisumavoid and more annoying aspects of the game.

Cobbledump sets itself aside from the majority of Minecraft channels by doing a few things. First, there is a lot of swearing and distinctly non-G-rated themes, which is something of a rarity in today's most well-known Minecraft videos.

There is also no singleplayer series taking place in default, current day Minecraft in Cobbledump. All the singleplayer videos either take place in a Customized world or an old version like Minecraft Alpha.

Third, there are a lot of edits. Cobbledump's footage is cut many times per episode and results in a kind of collage patchwork of a Minecraft video.

Fourth, Edward has made it clear before that he has misophonia, so unlike many let's players the world over, he goes to extensive lengths to make sure his audio is free of loud mouth smacks (a mysterious phenomenon sometimes known as "lishing"), which is a really good thing for some people.

The channel has been deleted since late-2019, due to the creator taking issue with the way YouTube handles its business. There were more than 120 videos on it, spanning about three running series, more or less: Minecraft Alpha and the Nostalgic Veteran, a series about acquiring every possible item and block within an old version of the game; Mine Zealand, a series about a Minecraft video-server and the people who play on it; and Hardcore Minecraft Preset Challenge, which is a singleplayer series based on surviving unusual customized worlds set to Hardcore Mode so that he can only die once per preset. That preset challenge series, on that note, is what might at this time generously be called "the last surviving Cobbledump video", as it and no other video from the channel can be found here. It's the final video for Cobbledump to be posted as of the moment the channel on YouTube went down.

The page on Video Bin says that you can expect more videos to be reuploaded, but that was evidently written before Video Bin removed its upload button.

Also see Sunfire SG.

Cobbledump provides examples of:

  • 100% Completion: Cobbledump seems to be going for this in the Minecraft Alpha series, even though the game typically doesn't have a measure for what constitutes "winning".
  • Accentuate the Negative: Edward does this frequently enough. The complaints and rips he makes range from the way the game is built, to other, more famous players of the game who he dislikes, inefficient techniques people use in Minecraft, the way language is built, and even himself at times.
  • The Alcoholic: Edward, during one episode of Minecraft Alpha and the Nostalgic Veteran, shows a few shades of this while recording.
  • Anti-Climax: The series made on Life Matter has an announced ending that provides a bit of closure, but a lot of answers the audience might want to ask will never have answers, due to the fact that the world reset halfway through the season and none of the videos actually made use of the premise where kingdoms are supposed to be at war. Another case of Minecraft video servers dying.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: During the Enderdragon battle on Mine Zealand, where the players kept dying (Edward included) and having to go back into The End to continue fighting. Edwardos and Sunfire commented at one point that they thought the dragon shouldn't have been so much trouble. Death happens even more in the next episode, The Incident: Part II.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Edward himself. If there's something to be made fun of, Edward will make fun of it.
  • Dream Sequence: In episode 7 of Minecraft Alpha and the Nostalgic Veteran, Edwardos gets into a bed of wool and gravel and has a very short dream about placing torches and killing a pig.
  • Made of Iron: Edwardos during the second season of the Life Matter SMP series. It takes place on a huge custom-built Minecraft world with huge dark caves that for some reason spawn absurd densities of hostile monsters in amounts abnormal for Minecraft. He got stuck down in those caves more than once and beaten to within near-death at least once, but had a total of zero deaths by the end of the series.
  • No Ending: This happened to Minecraft on the Aerocraft Server because the server itself stopped being hosted unexpectedly. There is a single video of Edwardos walking around the world and talking about how it went.
  • Recap Episode: The "Caterpillar" episode of the Cobbledump Clip Show. It also looks a bit like an Origins Episode, as it contains most of the first episodes of each series.
  • The Western: Season 2 of Life Matter SMP had a gimmick going where the playerbase was divided into three kingdoms that could ally with or declare war on other kingdoms. Cobbledump's kingdom chose the name "Saloonia" and picked a old-west type theme.