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Fallout 4, like the weapons featured in the game, reaches its fullest potential once you start modding it. This then is a list of troper-approved Game Mods that will enhance your adventures in the Commonwealth, by adding new content or tweaking the base game.

Feel free to add to this list or comment on what others have recommended, just remember to sign your name. Good Karma will be awarded to those who check to see if a mod is available on both the Nexus and Bethesda's mod workshop.


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Mods that ought to be turned into official patches.

  • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team


Mods that enhance the Scenery Porn and/or Scenery Gorn of post-apocalyptic Boston.

    Armor and Outfits 

Mods that help you survive the apocalypse in style.

  • K-9 Harness - Tactical Body Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat by fadingsignal
    • Signed by SunPraiser
    • This mod adds functional (as in, it actually protects Dogmeat, averting Armor Is Useless) body armor for Dogmeat, that can be customized with faction patches, pouches and a backpack, which increases his carrying capacity. Also, you can upgrade it with Ballistic Weave.
    • Nexus link


Mods that help you in your quest for More Dakka.

  • R91 - Fallout 3 Assault Rifle by T 41 NT 3 D
    • Signed by SunPraiser
    • If you were dissapointed by the Mach- er, "Assault Rifle", this mod brings back the R91, which is the assault rifle from Fallout 3. And yes, you can turn it into the Infiltrator from The Pitt DLC.
    • Nexus Link

  • Service Rifle by Dead Pool 2099 and friends
    • Signed by SunPraiser
    • On the other hand, if you aren't a fan of the assault rifle's look, but prefer what the Mojave Wasteland has to offer, look no further than this Service Rifle mod. The kicker? It's been adapted to Fallout 4's customization system, meaning that you could end up with any of the assault rifles the NCR has been using, like the Assault Carbine. Not only that, but there are unique variants scattered around the Commonwealth that can be found during a quest that starts at Level 25 by finding the corpse of... a dead postman.
    • Nexus Link

  • HK G11 K2 by asXas
    • Signed by SunPraiser
    • This mod adds the G11, a firearm that was present in Fallout 2. This weapon can be obtained from a short quest that requires stat checks, which is also how you add it to the leveled lists. With all that said, this firearm is highly customizable with a lot of muzzle break options, velcros, skins and the like. It also has three legendary variants, one of them having a modded reciever that turns it into a laser rifle.
    • Nexus Link



Mods that improve follower behavior or add new companions to adventure with.

  • Everyone's Best Friend by Valdacil
    • Signed by rjd1922
    • Lets you have Dogmeat and a standard companion and the same time like in 3 and New Vegas (as was originally intended for Fallout 4), making Dogmeat far more useful.
    • Nexus link

    Settlements and Workshop Items 

Mods that give you new construction options as you rebuild the Commonwealth.


Mods that change the game's mechanics and don't quite fit into the other categories on this page.

  • Shakujin's Better Settlement Alerts by Shakujin
    • Signed by Tacitus
    • Instead of getting a fleeting "warning" in the corner of your screen that you miss because it always comes up in the middle of combat, this mod gives you a game-pausing pop-up notification when one of your settlements comes under attack.
    • Nexus link
    • Bethesda Workshop link

  • Useful Crank by Hackfield
    • Signed by SunPraiser
    • Useful Crank makes it so that the Laser Musket no longer requires fusion cells to fire: just use the hand crank to power it up, shoot, rinse and repeat.
    • Nexus Link

  • Combat Zone Restored by Barbariccia
    • Signed by rjd1922
    • Restores most of the cut content in the Combat Zone, including Cait's original introduction, the basement, and letting the player bet on NPC fights or fight for caps.
    • Nexus link


Mods that help you feel the radiation.

    Just For Fun 

Mods that make up for the lack of a Wild Wasteland trait.


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