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Just For Fun / Examples of Myers-Briggs Personalities in Stories

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Whatever one may say about the applicability of the Myers–Briggs indicator in Real Life, it is a valuable tool for stories, just like the Four-Temperament Ensemble and similarly the Four-Philosophy Ensemble. So what are some examples of characters that fit these profiles? Remember, since most of these characters are not canonically classified as one of these types, these are highly unofficial and subjective. These lists are really made of the best guesses of lots of fans.

Myers-Briggs types consist of four letters that represent different 'sides,' if you will. The different letters are:

  • I or E for Introvert or Extrovert (whether a person thrives better on private, quiet time vs. plentiful human interaction);
  • S or N for Sensing or Intuition (tendency to focus on immediate factual information vs. forming patterns and impressions);
  • T or F for Thinking or Feeling (objectivity vs. subjectivity, or decisions based on facts vs. feelings);
  • J or P for Judging or Perceiving ("orientation to the outer world," or a lifestyle that is structured and decided vs. one that is flexible and adaptable).

There is room for a ton of personality variation even within a single type — Myers-Briggs doesn't account for the experiences that shape a person's values and attitude. So if two characters appear in the same type who are completely different, maybe it just means they've had different lives, but have more in common than you think!

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This list is subjective and your mileage may vary. If you have questions or concerns about an example, please discuss it in the discussion pages or at Characters may have entries in more than one category as long as appropriate context is provided for each.

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