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    Brazil Nut Disorder

Describe Brazil Nut Disorder Here.

I'll try, TV Tropes.

I'll try.

It's kinda complicated, and filled to the brim with satire.

To start: SOMEONE made a stupid mistake. Or maybe they just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really, who cares?

Unfortunately, the guv'mit, or the guv'mit's superior, gets involved. And, well, SOMEONES not happy at/scared of SOMEONE about the SOMETHING that SOMEONE did even though it's SOMEONE ELSE'S SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING.

Well, this can pretty much go three ways:

Eventually (usually), the fact that It Was All a Misunderstanding comes to light. The government/whatever is approached with the evidence.

Guess how they react (usually).

There's just so much bureaucracy, too much stupidity to get around.

The dysfunctional Sister Trope to Chance the Gardener, this is a complex and unusual disorder. It may lead to total, utter, hilarious chaos if left unchecked for too long. Related to Chance the Gardener.

This disease can come in three different forms of severity:

  • Class I (Horatial BND): Minor mistake, usu. on the part of the victim, usu. leads to imprisonment, often in The Asylum. Not much damage is done, but it's still screwed up.

  • Class II (Juvenalial BND): The victim actually may be somewhat responsible here. There's reasonable suspicion. But through red tape, Hobbesian human nature and such, they won't listen to the truth. This may actually do damage, and is where a Gardener Contract may come in in more severe cases.

  • Class III (Apocalyptial BND): This usually applies to Planets Eris and Crapsack Worlds. Everything comes down at once, repeatedly. Chaos, horrible, hilarious chaos, uncovering the disturbing flaws, Blah Blah Blah, You Get the Idea.

Actually, no. You don't. I'm making it sound simpler than it is. I'll try to use some more applicable or related terms:

So, with that vague, incomplete, nigh incomprehesible description, I hope you'll understand how it works and will be able to help once I list the


Class I or Horatial:

Class II or Juvenalial:

Class III or Apocalyptial:

    The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Tear Jerker (written by author) 
  • As Traude recounts the fate of her father after the Battle of Moria to Brianna in Beorn's bathroom, we get this heart-wrenching exchange:
    Traude: They told me my father was gone. He was one of the dead. But I didn’t believe them. I searched through the entire battlefield. Every last body. And he wasn’t there. But my brother was.
    Brianna: Your brother?
    Traude: Y-Yes. Frerin.
    Brianna: You never told me.
    Traude: [Starts to cry] I don't like to talk about Frerin. He always looked after me and Dis when my father couldn't. he's gone as well.
  • Hearing Beorn tell his backstory is already sad enough, but the absolute pain that's described when he remembers his daughters laughter is just unbearable.
  • After hearing her backstory, Beate's terrified reaction to the wargs suddenly become very sad, especially when Bertha tries to calm her down.
  • Talia and Lechsinka bonding over memories of Talia's dead husband, who was Lechsinka's father.
  • Brianna's longing for home.
  • Barbara's trying to fight back the tears while she recounts the Battle of Moria around the campfire.
  • Beate feeling like she's useless on this journey and admitting that she feels she shouldn't have come on the journey. You just want to go over and hug the poor thing. It is, however, followed by Bertha comforting her and reassuring her bravery.
  • Brianna's horrified reaction to killing the monitor lizard when it got too close to the ring. All the other moments were the ring effects her were troubling enough, but with that moment, all bets are off.
  • This exchange between Bridget and Beatrice about her deceased husband:
    Bridget: And you're husband is at home watching them?
    Beatrice: (trying not to cry) He's dead.
  • The utter horror the girls expierence when they think some of the their group were killed in the battle of the stone giants, especially poor Frieda's reaction to it.
  • It's establsihed that while Lechsinka and Talia have a good relationship, Talia dosen't get along very well with Taduesz, contanstly referring to him as "captain". Imagine living most of your life living under the shadow of your mentors daughter, rarely being called by your first name. But what especially places this into Tear Jerker territory is this single line he delievers to Lechsinka:
    Taduesz: Why should I go back? Your mother dosen't treat me like your brother. She's never even called me her son.
  • Lechsinka practically begging Taduesz to come home with her, with a fear that her mother might banish him.
  • Dorothea being Emotionally Tongue-Tied and never being able to get the chance to express her feelings for Beorn out of fear of offending him or hurting their friendship.
  • The separation of Bertha and Beate in Lake-town. It's surprisingly sad to read, given that Bertha had promised Beate to take her up the mountain herself as a thank you for saving her life, only to discover she can't fulfill that promise.
  • Beatrice being laughed at and mocked by members of the crowd when Julie brings up her family history. Poor girl.
  • Kamilla's heartbreak of not only being away from Taduesz, the man she loves, but also being forced to stay behind in Lake-town becuase she's too ill.
  • Dorothea's childish crush isn't this at first, but considering what nightmarish trauma Beorn suffered, it seems like he wouldn't be able to properly return Dorothea's affections even if he knew of her crush on him.
  • Knowing what's going to happen to Frieda and Kamilla, many of their scenes talking about their future become very hard to read without getting choked up.
  • The fact that Dis, Truade, Kamilla, Frieda Deborah and her husband might be the last living descendants of the line of Durin.
  • Beorn himself.
  • Thrain. Poor guy has lost his father and son, was captured by Azog and tortured in Dol Guldur for years. It drove him completely insane to the extent that when Gillian investigates Dol Guldur herself, he actually tries to kill her. Even after Gillian frees his mind, he feels that in the current state he's in, he'd do nothing but shame his daughters.

  • HoYay.Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger: A series of 'couples' portraits (others include Leo and Sela, Yamato and Amu and Tusk and Amu) but those two are by far the most intimate.
This can't be happening!
"Leo Felton had the right idea!"
Despite what people will have you believe in fiction, gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate things.
Show us your amazing level designs, then we'll talk.
Apparently Picard's clone forgot that he had hair at that age.
"No choice - gotta keep moving!"
From left to right: Jiren against Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta.
Soon Queen Elsa will make a magical ice skating rink for her people.note
Nothing to see here!
Yeah, these guys? They're dead.
From Villager to Killager in just one day.
Dammit Fox! I said no toy fairs! Totally spoiling key Deadpool scenes!
The Hero's triumph on Cataclysm's Eve wins three Symbols of Virtue. The Master Sword he will then retrieve, keeping the knights' line true.

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Image by Level2Select.
From left-to-right: Noiz, Koujaku, Ren (dog All-mate), Aoba, Clear, and Mink (and Tori)
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Admit it, when we say "Wolfenstein",
you think of the latter, don't you?
Yep. That truck just drove straight through a house.
How can we stop stressing when we're looking at this?!
It's hard to tell through the poor film quality, but that is indeed a live insect crawling through the frame.
The Atari Jaguar CD's infamous Red Screen of Death. So red, you can barely even see the Jaguar logo.
The exact moment this trope was unleashed in the Pokémon world.
Nightmare for Ness, AND Nightmare for the player.

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