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Unsurprisingly, between Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang.

     Cheng Xiaoshi/ Lu Guang 
  • While it's so Cheng Xiaoshi doesn't say something that could disrupt the past, Lu Guang always sounds a bit annoyed when Cheng Xiaoshi is flirting with other people or with the love interests of their clients.
  • In the first episode Cheng Xiaoshi teasingly winks at Lu Guang before they start their job. As Cheng Xiaoshi is exhausted after Emma's job and tries to get some rest, Lu Guang reaches out to the other who's still in Emma's form and gently places a hand on their shoulder. It's also revealed the two share a bunk bed in their apartment. He also sounds a bit annoyed when Cheng Xiaoshi as he's being confronted asks if he has a boyfriend. Lu Guang gives an annoyed "no" while telling him to stay on track with the mission.
  • Episode 2 ends with Qiao Ling snatching one of Cheng Xiaoshi's "Noodles of the Male Dormitory", leaving one bowl between him and Lu Guang to share. The two stare at one another clearly trying to figure out who gets to eat before the episode ends. It doesn't help that earlier when Cheng Xiaoshi was in his client's form he looked like he was going to have a Spaghetti Kiss with the client's former friend.
    • Earlier when he claimed he was never going to eat another bowl of noodles, but sees the picture of the original "Girl's Dormitory Noodles", he immediately jumps at the chance to dive into the photo. He does this by snuggling up to Lu Guang and trying to playfully rub his head against his cheeky. He does this so Lu Guang will lift his hand up and he can clap it, but still.
    • Cheng Xiaoshi even calls Lu Guang's face handsome as he warns him not do to "politics" behind his back or he'd hit him.
  • Episode 3 where Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi meeting for the first time comes across as a Meet Cute. A basketball rolls near Lu Guang who happens to be near the court and Cheng Xiaoshi noticing him cheerfully asks him to come over and play with the others.
  • Episode 4 Cheng Xiaoshi almost leaves the dive because he thought he had inadvertently changed the past and therefore erased Lu Guang from existence. After Lu Guang speaks up again, he immediately sighs out in relief.
  • Episode 5 After Lu Guang pretends to agree on helping him save Chen Xiao's mother, he still causes her death by telling Cheng Xiaoshi they both will survive the earthquake by hiding under a table. As Cheng Xiaoshi seems to be devolving into a panic attack, he tries to calm him down and tell him to leave the dive if he's overwhelmed. After Cheng Xiaoshi returns, Lu Guang tries to comfort him before he's punched in the face. However, he takes it very calmly and soon kneels down to comfort Cheng Xiaoshi who's broken down into tears on the floor.
  • While Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang aren't exactly communicating with each other, Lu Guang still shows his concern by buying some boba tea and asking Qiao Ling to deliver it to Cheng Xiaoshi. Afterwards, Cheng Xiaoshi does peek out of his room where Lu Guang was waiting and quietly thanks him for the boba.
  • According to Qiao Ling, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang weren't supposed to be in town that day because they were off together studying abroad for the summer.
  • The way Lu Guang starts becoming terrified for Cheng Xiaoshi's life once he gets drugged and can't communicate with him.
    • As the police officer tries to give Cheng Xiaoshi the envelope with pictures of his case, Lu Guang immediately grabs Cheng Xiaoshi's wrist as he says cases should go through him first.
  • Episode 10, Qiao Ling talking to Xu Shanshan who is Cheng Xiaoshi for a dive. When she talks about how Lu Guang miraculously appeared in their lives, she asks Shanshan to guess what he first thought when met Cheng Xiaoshi. Cheng Xiaoshi asks, "Was he attracted to Cheng Xiaoshi's beauty?"
    Lu Guang: Don't talk nonsense!
    • The way Qiao Ling eggs Lu Guang on what he really thinks about Cheng Xiaoshi adding, "You two went from sports buddies to friends, which means there's something about him that attracts you." She almost comes across as a Shipper on Deck. When he admits he think Cheng Xiaoshi is naive, Cheng Xiaoshi laughs, and then it cuts to Lu Guang visibly blushing.
  • In episode 11, as Cheng Xiaoshi sits alone at the front of his shop, color only starts to come back into his world when Qiao Ling enters the frame. And then more spread as he looks up to see Lu Guang with the sun shining behind him.


  • Yu Xia and Lin Zhen in episode two were lifelong best friends, spending most of their uni days together, opening a ramen shop with each other and being partners for over 10 years. It definitely comes off as a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship, especially when during Cheng Xiaoshi's dive the two women nearly share a Spaghetti Kiss. Even at their present age, neither of them has married and manage to repair their friendship by the end of the episode, with Yu Xia running up to her old friend and giving her a hug when she returns home.
    • As Lin Xen (who's Cheng Xiaoshi this time around) is grumbling to herself in the car, the driver mistakes her for venting about her romantic relationship falling apart.
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  • While it's clear that Xu Shanshan has given her heart to Dong Yi, Qiao Ling is still teasingly flirtatious with her. She basically hugs her arm when the two walk around (which makes Cheng Xiaoshi nervous when he dives into Xu Shanshan) and jokingly says she would miss her "dear Shanshan" when she goes off to study again.
  • Episode 9, Cheng Xiaoshi gains the feelings of Xu Shanshan when her crush Dong Yi sits by her, causing him to blush and feel his heart beating fast as well. This is the reason he ends up drunk.
  • As Cheng Xiaoshi confronts Liu Min the two wrestle each other as Liu Min manages to get on top of Cheng Xiaoshi, grabbing his hands so he couldn't activate his powers and pin them to the ground. He then leans down until he's whispering in Cheng Xiaoshi's ear. Then it turns out to be Liu Min's "friend" who has been possessing him and others this whole to commit his crimes. It's telling that they possess Qiao Ling and stab Lu Guang like a Yandere while they smile at Cheng Xiaoshi saying they've now "reset" the game.