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Titus (TV sitcom)

  • The flashback where Titus gets suspended for three days for punching a kid in the stomach turns out to be surprisingly heartwarming.
    Ken: Punching in the stomach?? What have I always told you? GO FOR THE EYES!
    Young Christopher (sadly): I know...
    Ken: Let's get some ice cream. We have three days to practice your Eagle Claw! (mimics clawing an eye out)
    Young Christopher: Thanks, Daddy. I love you.
    Ken: I love you, too, Slugger!
  • Even though it was later undone, Ken telling Christopher he was proud of him in "Whats Up Hollywood" was genuinely sweet.
  • Season 2's "Reconciliation" has all three versions of Titus - his adult self, his teen self, and kid self - sharing the Neutral Space, and ends with his kid self asking to turn off the light, and his adult self helps him do so.
  • "Deprogramming Erin" has Ken give Titus some genuinely helpful advice - after Titus says his piece to Erin, Ken encourages him to walk away, escorting him into the house as Erin's family's car starts up and pulls away. The look of shared excitement when Erin knocks on the door is genuinely heartwarming.

Titus (1999 movie)

  • Despite its wanton gore and bloodthirstiness, the film involves two genuinely heartwarming scenes not in the original play:
    • Young Lucius obtains a pair of prosthetic hands from a store and presents them to his poor, mutilated aunt Lavinia as a gift, and she smiles at his thoughtfulness - the first and only time she does so after the unspeakably horrible things Demetrius and Chiron did to her.
    • At the end of the story, Young Lucius frees Aaron's infant son from the cage and carries him out of the colosseum and towards the sunrise in the distance, symbolising hope for a better future after the horrible events of the story.