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  • From the temporarily banned episode "The Protector": Titus giving Amy his baseball bat so she can get revenge on the man who sexually molested her when she was a child (which turns out to not be a lie, as one of her poems in her notebook is about the guy's rose tattoo on his penis). Bonus points for the principal deciding not to call the cops on him until after the molester is beaten senseless.
    • From the same episode, despite Amy's rebellious snark and the shit she's given the guys over the course of the series, none of them hesitate for a second to Zerg Rush her molester to find out if she's telling the truth. Titus, Dave, and Tommy pile the guy into a bathroom stall while Erin gives Amy a protective hug. Dave's "SAY MY NAME!" is hilarious, but the feel behind it all is that Amy really has found a family that cares about her for real.
  • In "Tommy's Not Gay", Titus says that he's going to beat the two homophobic thugs who wailed on Tommy's dad because Tommy is being too much of a wussy to do it. However, right before Titus can do anything, Tommy screams at the top of his lungs, grabs a pool cue and jumps on top of a table. He then proceeds to crack one of the thug's heads with a pool cue (which snaps the cue in half), and holds the broken cue up to the other guy's neck and forces him to shout "I'm a homo!" - though it took a couple of tries due to a Sustained Misunderstanding ("Say 'I'm a homo'!" "You're a homo." "No, say you're a homo!" "You're a homo.").
    • In the same episode, Titus' end speech about how everyone's a racist and should just be with their own kind, with Titus pointing in many directions until he ends up doing the "Heil Hitler" salute and ends the episode with, "Ya see how this can get out of hand?"
  • The episode titled "Hard Ass". Erin's niece, Amy, moves in with them, bringing with her a stun gun and a large bag of pot. Even Ken can't rein her in. This is when the Ambiguously Gay Tommy has his redeeming moment.
  • In "The Perfect Thanksgiving", Erin's criminal brother Michael steals the ring that Titus bought and was planning to propose to Erin with. Michael is not at all intimidated by Titus, claiming that he's survived maximum security prison. Cue Ken Titus.
    Ken Titus: I never hit my boys, instead I took years to destroy their self-esteem to mould them into upstanding citizens. But now I don't have that kind of time. (Ken flicks his lighter mere inches from Michael's face, and the terrified wussy immediately gives up the stolen ring.)

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