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Heartwarming / The Wizard in the Shadows

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  • Crossed with Tear Jerker, Harry's Cry into Chest on Boromir after Gandalf's death.
  • Harry boosting Boromir's self esteem by pointing out that what happened at the Falls of Rauros was not his fault.
  • Boromir claims he is a cold and heartless commander. Harry disabuses him of this in a moment combined with a Funny Moment, which Lampshades Harry's angsting tendencies.
    Oi, moaning about your own perceived failures is my schtick. Stop infringing. I take it that your cold and calculating side is why your soldiers love you and would die for you without hesitation, why it was you who comforted me after Gandalf died. Yes, very cold, very ruthless, no doubt all with a cunning ulterior motive. Face it Boromir, you're like a big, fluffy… stuffed toy!
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  • Harry's You Are Not Alone to Frodo in Lothlorien.
  • At the Battle of the Black Gate, Harry dies and three Nazgul demand his body saying something of theirs (a sword) is lodged in it. Despite being short their most powerful ally and his Swiss Army Weapon seemingly not working, the True Companions immediately rally round his body, drawing swords.
  • The Glomp after Harry comes back from the dead and Ginny giving him a Big Damn Kiss.
  • "Then Harry did what he had never thought possible. He. Hugged. Severus. Snape."
  • Maglor's Not So Stoic reaction to being freed from the oath of Feanor. And the narration, the final line of the fic (the last chapter is from Maglor's perspective:)
    I had walked from out of the shadows. And into the light.
  • On being told that by Professor McGonagall he has a fanclub at Hogwarts after his shirtless rescue of an out of control first year on a broom, what's Emrys' first response? To briefly look smug, then smile at his girlfriend and say:
    Emrys: I'm flattered by the attention, Professor, but I'm spoken for.
  • Maglor's confirmation that Miriel is being flirty and touchy-feely with Emrys because she's serious about him.
    • And Miriel admitting that some nobles pick up a pretty commoner and carry on with them till they get bored, then coming out with this gem.
    Miriel: But not with me. Never with me.
  • Eirian revealing that Emrys does indeed look up to Harry:
    Eirian: He looks up to you, you know. He sees as the big brother he never had.
    • And then tacitly accepts this by dryly noting that if his hair and eyes were a little lighter, he could be part of the family.
  • Ginny slipping a comforting arm around an upset Miriel's shoulder.


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