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Heartwarming / The Sandlot

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The Sandlot

  • After "The Beast" chases Benny through a good chunk of town, it gets stopped when a wall crashes down on it. Scott and Benny take pity on it and work together to move the wall away so it can be free. At first everyone is afraid the animal will continue its attack, instead the dog is very grateful.
  • Squints nearly drowning just so he can kiss Wendy Peffercorn (whom he has been in love with for three years) isn't just a Funny Moment of Awesome, but it's also heartwarming because it causes her to finally take notice of him. Despite the fact that it gets Squints and his friends banned from the pool for life, every time the kids walk past the pool after that day Wendy looks at Squints and smiles. Eventually, the two of them get married, have nine kids, and live Happily Ever After.
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  • At the end, Scott is the announcer for Benny's games. The two of them are still friends as adults.
  • Scott and Bill's evolving relationship. While it starts off awkward and barely existent by the end they truly become father and son, showing that just because you aren't related by blood doesn't mean you can't be family.

The Sandlot 2

  • David punching out Singleton after the latter punches Hayley in the stomach. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue in the sequel, specifically when it comes to David and Hayley.
    Johnnie Smalls: (Narrating) Hayley and David went all the way through high school together. After that, they went their separate ways. Ten years after college, they met again. At that meeting, just like the first time he ever had a chance to talk to her in grade school, David was so nervous, he couldn't speak. So she spoke for him. She said, "You're supposed to say, ‘Will you marry me?’." And he did.

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