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Awesome / The Sandlot

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  • Benny, he ain't gonna be eaten by the Beast without a good chase.
  • Benny shutting down the rest of the team's complaints when he suggests Scott join them.
    What're you laughing at, Yeah-Yeah? You run like a duck.
  • Squints did something that his friends wouldn't have been brave enough to do in a million years (or for a million dollars): he makes a move on the lifeguard.
    Ham: Did you plan that?!
    Squints: 'Course I did. Been planning it for years.
  • In the sequel, when Singleton goes as far as to punching Hayley in the stomach to prevent her from reaching home plate, David responds by walking up to him and punching him right in the face!
    David: The Sandlot's ours! Forever! Don't mess with my teammates! And you never, ever hit a girl, creep!

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