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Heartwarming / The Legend of Mr. Satan

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Warning! As per policy, Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Even though it's underplayed, Mr. Satan's friendship with Goku and the other Z-fighters is very nice to watch when the few Friendship Moments of the webcomic show up. One notable instance is when Mr. Satan trains in Kami's lookout with the others to prepare himself for the Saiyans' arrival. Tenshinhan teaches him how to fly, Krillin teaches him how to use the Kamehameha and Yamcha... advises the back-then beardless Mark to grow some facial hair. And from that point onwards, Mr. Satan always keeps his mustache.
  • Gohan's and Videl's romance and the few scenes during which they are shown hanging out. By the time the Cell games begin, it has become official. They are reaching for each other's hands for support when the battle between Perfect Cell and Goku is about to begin. Then they share their First Kiss when Gohan is about to fight. After Cell's defeat, they share another kiss (too bad the camera's battery died just at that moment) and are cuddling together on Kinto-Un when they set off for the Sanctuary. By the time the Buu saga kicks in, they are already an Official Couple.
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  • Mr. Satan's wishes to bring back Goku to life, so that his family wouldn't be alone, then his own wife, so Videl wouldn't be alone after his death.
  • Android 16 saving Videl from Cell's energy beam at the cost of his own body, but still being Spared by the Adaptation, with Bulma building him another body. He's even the master of ceremony in Mr. Satan's funerals.
  • Yamcha's eulogy for Mr. Satan is both this and a big Tear Jerker.
    Yamcha: "What I mean is that Mr. Satan will live on through his work as a martial artist, philanthropist, but most of all as a MAN. We as the Z-fighters are a family and we lost one of our own, but only because he figured that giving up his life so others will live on was the most important thing. He promised he would defeat Cell, he kept his word. With dreams of being a king, first one should be a man. He died having become the king he was destined to become."
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  • Mr. Satan's funerals mix those moments with Tear Jerkers. Highlights include Android 16 being the master of the ceremony, Goku saluting him and Orange Star City being renamed Satan City to honor Mr. Satan's sacrifice.
  • Future Trunks, on Videl's request, seeks the Videl of his era and gives to her a capsule containing memorabilia of Mr. Satan's championship. Future Videl's expression alone when she sees them was worth it.
  • A few months after the events of the Beerus Saga, Goku and Mr. Satan organize a meeting with the lost family members on the Kaioshins' planet. Goku sees Grandpa Gohan again, and meets his birth parents for the first time. Mr. Satan gets reunited with his wife for the first time since her death and meets his granddaughter Pan in person for the first time since his death.
    • Raditz helped Mr. Satan find Bardock and Gine, having had a Heel–Face Turn during his time in the afterlife.
  • Ro-Kaioshin finds a way for Mr. Satan to be alive again: Using the potaras. In exchange, by fusing, Mr. Satan would share his memories with him and allow Ro-Kaioshin to get through him the life of someone who lived it at his fullest, something of which Ro-Kaioshin was deprived.
  • "Thank you." The last words said by Ro-Kaioshin to Mr. Satan. He's then implied to let his personality fade away in their permanent fusion's subconscious in order to allow Mr. Satan's personality to be dominant.
  • Satoshin, the newly resurrected Mr. Satan, being accepted by his granddaughter Pan, his wife, and his daughter.

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