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  • Ra-Ra's speech to Zeke in episode two, telling him to forgive Mylene because even if they don't end up together, her friendship is worth it:
    The way I see it, all of us here on this planet, and we're on a journey. And it is a mystery. Who knows who's gonna end up where with who, right? It's just sad to lose a friend, though. 'Cause like... that's the hardest thing to come by.
  • Dizzee and Thor's entire relationship is this, mainly thanks to how similar they are and how well they connect. Dizzee's friends, family, and even fellow graffiti artists at the writers' bench view him as a complete weirdo (albeit a likable one), but Thor? He thinks Dizzee's a genius, and Dizzee thinks the same of Thor.
  • The fact that Mylene's song was dressed up as a religious outreach to appease her ultra-conservative father Ramón, only to end up becoming a gay anthem for its message of love, acceptance, and freedom, is both heartwarming and amusingly ironic.
    • This theme is explored again in Part II when she's encouraged to come out of her Heroic BSoD by Jackie and his friends, most of whom are queer or drag queens.
  • Dizzee immediately protects his little brothers against Napoleon and the Savage Warlords, The Notorious Three, and Shaolin Fantastic. He knows both Ra-Ra and Boo can protect themselves in a fight, but he refuses to allow anyone to hurt them.
    Dizzee: It's all love, man.
  • In part two, Shaolin refers to Dizzee as his brother in episode three after the latter passes out from taking tainted angel dust. It happens again in episode five, after he sees Dizzee and Thor together at Thor's place as a way of saying he's not gonna judge Dizzee for being in a relationship with Thor. It's also implied he's not gonna let anyone give Dizzee shit, either.
    Shaolin: Dizz. You know there's a reason I go by Shaolin Fantastic, right?
    Dizzee: Cause you a superhero?
    Shaolin: Cause people don't need to know everything about me. Don't worry. I got you, my alien brother.
    • If you read Shaolin as being closeted, which has been implied by some of the crew, the scene takes on even more meaning: Shaolin isn't just being refreshingly tolerant in a series so far filled with casual and overt homophobia (Pastor Cruz, Papa Fuerte, Cadillac, Fat Annie, even Mylene), he's letting Dizzee know he isn't alone.
  • Dizzee and Thor being reunited after Thor gets out of jail is adorable. They can't take their eyes off each other, to the point that everyone else in the room literally disappears. Admittedly most of it's a hallucination, but the sentiment is real.
    Thor: You ever been in love?
    Dizzee: Once.
    Thor: How'd it end?
    Dizzee: It hasn't.
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  • Jackie Moreno taking in Mylene when she runs away from home, and helping her write a new song. Dee Dee Ramone's attempts to comfort her are also really heartwarming.
  • There is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when Shaolin is seen protecting Napoleon right after Dizzee passes out.

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