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Tear Jerker / The Get Down

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  • Zeke's poem about his parents' fate. It's so powerful that even Ms. Green starts crying.
  • Dizzee's passing out after taking the tainted angel dust and Thor trying to wake him up while Ra Ra's freaking out and Shaolin's going off on Little Wolf is another big one. Especially with what Shaolin calls Dizzee while he's freaking out.
    Little Wolf: Look at this shit.
    Shaolin: Look at this shit, man? [points to Dizzee] My brother's on the fucking ground.
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  • While Ramon's suicide isn't particularly tear-jerking, Mylene's reaction is. Her sobbing over her father's body is hard to watch. The funeral where they pour his ashes into the river is also painful.
  • Zeke ending his partnership with Shao is extremely heartbreaking to many fans, despite the fact that he did set up Boo-Boo to sell drugs from the start. Zeke is calm and trying to contain his anger, while Shao is completely pissed off, and even holds back tears until he turns away from Zeke. It's even worse when you realize Shao has no family or friends outside of the Get Down Brothers and that Zeke claimed that they were family an episode ago.
  • At the end of the unity show, when Shaolin tries to get through to Cadillac about Fat Annie's abuse against them both, even though he's done nothing but screw him and the Get Down Brothers around. Cadillac's reaction just adds to it: even though he's been misogynistic, homophobic, abusive and an outright murderer it's hard not to feel sorry for him as he lays out how he feels to Little Wolf in his car. Well, at least until he mentions creeping on Mylene again. What's even worse is how you can see his influence in Shao's attitude to women and relationships in general, even as the show increasingly hintsthat he's gay. Annie did a number on them both.

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