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  • Ra-Ra's advice to Zeke: "You need to get [Mylene] a present. Nothing expensive, 'cause you ain't got no money."
  • Shao and Zeke's fight over the Pakoussa record is pretty funny thanks to their wildly different but equally childish approaches—Zeke yells and cries, while Shao imitates 1970s kung fu movies and tries to yank the record away from Zeke.
  • Zeke escapes a shootout at Les Inferno that leaves multiple people dead... and he's more upset that Mylene turned him down again.
    Boo-Boo: Can you fill us in with anything about Les Inferno? The shootout?
    Zeke: My heart got shot out! My fucking heart got shot out!
  • When planning the party in episode three, Zeke says that Dizzee should make his special punch; Dizzee says he can't because he took his last tab of LSD that morning, forcing Zeke to clarify that he meant the punch spiked with Bacardi 151. No one even questions the fact that Dizzee's first assumption was that Zeke was asking him to dose an entire party with LSD.
    • The exchange becomes doubly funny when you realize this means Dizzee's been tripping on acid for the entire episode.
  • Boo-Boo, Ra-Ra, and Dizzee describe an internship to Shao as "when you go downtown to work for the white man but you never get paid."
    Shao: That's... really fucked up.
  • This exchange:
    Boo-Boo: I thought you was a rebel.
    Dizzee: I am a rebel.
    Ra-Ra: But you can't be a rebel if you don't rebel.
    Dizzee: ...Fuck. True.
  • Shao and Zeke go after the King of Cassettes:
    Shao: You sure you're ready to do this? Don't you gotta wake up early in the morning, do that 9-to-5 internship thing? I don't wanna keep a working man out too late.
    Zeke: [immediately moving to leave] Alright, forget you then, where's the subway at? ...Nah, I'm playing with you.
  • Ra-Ra and Shao try to work out a plan of action for the DJ battle together while Zeke, Dizzee, and Boo-Boo are all busy, leading to this gem:
    Ra-Ra: Fear. It is a rational evolutionary response to danger. But it's also clear to me, through extensive reading, that the only other rational evolutionary response to danger... is superpowers.
    Shao: Your rational response is "get some superpowers"?
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  • In episode 1, Adult Zeke raps about the minute he met Shaolin is one memory he'll never forget, and then the next minute:
    Shao: Hey! Motherfucker! Motherfucker!

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