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Francisco Cruz is actually Mylene's father.
1) His attachment to Mylene is way stronger than a typical uncle/niece relationship, especially considering that he has another niece he doesn't seem to really care about.

2) During his conversation with Lydia just before the blackout, she threatens to cut Mylene out of his life for his interference in the family. He then pleads with her not to, saying, "She's my...niece," hesitating to say "niece." He also admitted to Lydia that he has not slept with anyone since 1960, about 17 years prior to the events of the show...or roughly Mylene's age. My guess is that Lydia and Francisco shared a night of passion and she got pregnant, but she was already married to Ramon, so they passed Mylene off as his child. Francisco also avoids starting his own family because he wants to stay close to the daughter he already has.


  • I so strongly agree with this I had to double-check to be sure I didn't add it in the first place. I'll add here that I suspect Francisco and Lydia got pregnant when Ramon was in prison.
  • This seems pretty Confirmed: episode six has Francisco calling Mylene "our daughter" to Lydia.
    • I think he actually says "our girl," which works for this theory, but is still ambiguous enough that we can't say confirmed yet.
  • Confirmed. Lydia reveals that Mylene is actually Francisco's during a heated argument with Ramón. It's the twist of events that makes Ramón kill himself, but not before making a suicide tape for Mylene to hear.

Shaolin is going to die
Whether during the series, or just before future!Book's concert, it seems the concert is a eulogy for a dead man.
  • Or they have a falling out. As hip-hop evolves in the 80s and 90s, the prominence of MCs rises, while it declines for DJs. Shao has pretty obvious insecurities about getting overshadowed.
  • I personally think Shao might die in the hands of Fat Annie/Cadillac. The drug scene is notorious for making bodies disappear without a trace, but Shao's death may be the one death that gets around, and it shakes Zeke to the core.
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  • Jossed, by Word Of God.

Alternately, Mylene dies.
Given the above-stated eulogy-style of the concert, Books' regret when talking about Mylene, and that this is a Baz Luhrmann production, well. It would hardly be a shock.

Mylene and the Soul Madonnas do make it big, but they end up being Zeke's backup singers.
Maybe they do have a solid singing career. However, disco dies in the 1980s in replacement for gangsta rap, and it takes a toll on the careers of many disco singers. Mylene realizes this, and she gives up her dream on being a disco star, but she doesn't stop singing. She ends up being a backup singer instead.

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