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Heartwarming / Superman III

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  • Hands down, its the moment when Ricky tries to encourage Superman showing someone still believes in him in spite of his turn into dickery.
    • Clark earlier helping him win at bowling counts too. In a way Ricky paid him back for it.
  • Lana Lang. Just Lana.
    "You tell Superman we think he's wonderful! But Clark... you're the best."
  • Despite some of the crimes he pulls off prior to his Heel–Face Turn and other failings, Gus seems to be a Nice Guy who is shown to get along well with his coworkers.
  • Gus performing a Heel–Face Turn and saving Superman's life.
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  • After defeating the supercomputer, Superman flies away with Gus to a coal-mining plant where Superman asks the workers if they could give Gus a job there. After Supes flies away and says: 'See you around, so long!' Gus replies with a handwave and the most heartfelt look: 'Take it easy man...'
  • Speaking of Gus, the villains may be greedy and short-sighted, but they're not racists. In fact, none of the characters in the film care that Gus is black and it's not lampshaded once. Ross and Lorelei clearly recognize and respect Gus' talent with the former quite happy to build his supercomputer upon being given the run-down. At their most hostile, Vera merely refers to Gus as a "little man" referring to his social class and not his race.

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