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  • The Superman vs. Clark Kent fight was the best part of the movie. And the music at the end...It perfectly illustrates what Superman fans have always known about the Superman/Clark Kent identity, and why it's necessary: Clark keeps Superman grounded, and that's why the "mild-mannered" reporter is stronger than the Man of Steel.
  • It is dated, but Superman tackling a chemical plant fire is pretty awesome too, particularly the final salvo — when the firefighters' hoses fail, and with only minutes before volatile acid inside the plant will vaporize into a corrosive cloud, he learns from them that there's a lake a few miles away. He flies over, freezes its surface with his breath, and flies a giant platter of ice back to the site of the fire. Dropping it over the blaze results in an impromptu rainshower that quenches the flames and stablilizes the acid. The fire chief said it best: "Damn! That man's a miracle!"
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  • It also crosses over with Funny, but Gus does rather well on his own getting into the WheatKing to use their computer. How? By buying a cheesy suit and pretending to be an alcohol salesman that needs to install a bar in the boss' office. Then getting the lone security guard Brad drunk enough to pass out. Then, while drunk himself, defeating a two-keyed lock with the help of an unconscious Brad and a yo-yo and then hacking his way into the Vulcan satellite. The technique he uses to get himself in the door is known as Social Engineering and is still used by hackers to this day.
  • You have to give the workers, who actually put together Gus' Supercomputer, credit for being able to pull it off with nothing more to follow than Gus' blueprints. Said blueprints were written on a bunch of different scraps of paper and cigarette wrappers. And it actually worked perfectly, too perfectly as it turned out, on the first startup.
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  • The film subverting the Dumb Blonde trope with a very intelligent Lorelei, who is both super-feminine and super-intelligent, but is smart enough to hide it.


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