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  • Only Richard Pryor would play a hacker capable of not only creating a computer capable of killing Superman, but also hack the Don't Walk/Walk Sign to make the figures representing the two warnings fight each other causing a Traffic Jam.
  • Gus discovering that he has to insert both keys at the same time in order to boot up a computer at a Webscoe subsidiary in Smallville called WheatKing. It makes one wonder what this subsidiary does on the side. Missile silo duty comes to mind.
  • Gus' initial attempts at inserting both keys at the same time and then using the "Philly Flash" with an unconscious Brad and his yo-yo, while drunk, to defeat the Two-Keyed Lock.
  • Ross admonishing Gus with this winner: "I ask you to kill Superman, and you're telling me you couldn't even do that one, simple thing."
  • "Wow, what a jukebox!"
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  • "In other words, push this red button."
  • "I can't ski!"
  • "Viva Superman!"
  • "No wonder they sent it back!"
  • "Kryptonite." BEAT. "Krypton ham, krypton heimer...I know things." "Yeah, based on the graffiti I've seen..."
  • "Baby! It's daddy!"
  • Clark helps Ricky win at bowling. "Gesundheit!"
  • Couple having breakfast, husband gets department store bill, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Everything during the opening credits roll.
  • "Can I really go back to middle America," says Kent, "after having become a Metropolis sophisticate?" and everyone pauses to look at him because he just said something so stupid.
  • During the chemical fire, an extra is going "waaaah waaah I'm on faaaar, help me" etc.
  • Rescue worker looks round, sees Superman standing there, and doesn't react at all, except to say "Forget the helmet!"
  • All of the source code and commands typed into the computers by Gus are jokes if you look at them.
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  • The very first scene has Gus explaining that, essentially, he was too dumb to work at McDonald's!
  • Gus, or Richard Pryor, thinks the best way to obfuscate the killing of Superman is to dress as a General and then incongruously launch into a very loud speech about the American plastics industry. Apparently, it worked. No one suspected anything was wrong, even Superman. Apart from the fact that he didn't die.
  • Gus' rambling explaination to his boss about his failure to kill Superman citing the "chicken-in-a-bucket" recipie as an example of what "unknown" means.
  • At the reunion when Clark goes to dance with Lana, the music switches from the uptempo "Roll Over Beethoven" cover by The Beatles to the slower "Earth Angel" but Clark keeps energetically twist dancing like a dork until realizing the song changed.


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