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Heartwarming / Superman Returns

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  • The late night everybody works at the Daily Planet, with Clark Kent wolfing down take-out with Jimmy Olsen and Lois' son Jason. The actors have natural chemistry and it's fun to see all of them hanging out like family.
  • Martha Kent finding the meteor containing unconscious Clark safe and sound from his long journey and she embraces her son, with tears of joy.
  • Jor-El's inspirational speech to his son, direct from the first movie:
    Jor-El: "They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all — their capacity for good — I have sent them only son."
    • Hell, the music for that teaser was a CMOH as well. In about a minute and a half or so, it manages to capture the heart, hope, optimism, and all around spirit of Superman probably even better than the iconic Superman theme!
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  • When Superman flies above the storm clouds to a bright blue sky and triumphantly bathes himself in the glorious warmth of Earth's golden sun, gathering the strength and courage to throw a rapidly growing continent of Kryptonite into space.
  • The part where Brutus plays the piano along with Jason. Even a ruthless criminal can be nice at times.
  • Richard White going back to save Superman after he gets stabbed with a Kryptonite shank because Lois asked him to.
  • Just how excited Jimmy Olsen is to see Clark back.
  • Superman, remembering Jor-El's last message to him from the first film and telling it to his son Jason asleep in his bed.
    Superman: You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father and the father becomes the son.
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  • The moment in the credits when this comes up:
    "To Christopher and Dana Reeve: A pair of real-life superheroes"


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