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Heartwarming / Re Revenge Of The Island An Alternate Reality

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The Heartwarming Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • This conversation between Scott and Anne Maria:
    Scott: Wait...where's my lucky shark tooth? Brick must have stolen it! Like how he stole Jocko's protein and Man-Lady's whistle!
    Anne Maria: Brick couldn't steal a TV in a riot! What makes you think he's going after all of our stuff?
    Scott: Think about it! That dude's been on both teams! He knows what everybody's best stuff is, and he's taking our things to mess with us!
    Anne Maria: As if.
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  • Mike likes Spider-Man because his dad gave him a book on his tenth birthday. He still idolizes the web-slinger to this very day.
  • Zoey comforts Mike when he tells her about the bad things that happened to him in the past.
  • A flashback in Chapter 6 reveals Mike has four Childhood Friends back home. He met them when he was only ten years old. Dawn even implies that he still hangs out with them to this very day.
    • Chapter 8 reveals she's right. It shows a flashback of Mike's first meeting with the Junior Avengers, then it mentions how the five are still friends since then.
  • The separate one-shot The Doppelgangers is a CMOH itself. The Junior Avengers celebrate Mike getting into the next season of Total Drama by going to a Your Favorite Martian concert. It gets better when Mike steps in for Benatar due to the keytarist having a sore throat at the time.
  • Dawn's interactions with Ezekiel qualify. She even offers the Gollum-like creature some herbal tea.
  • Mike tells Zoey he's willing to die saving her because of what happened in Ultimate Spider-Man. Guess he wasn't kidding about wanting to be just like the web-slinger.
  • Zoey accepts Anne Maria as a true friend in Chapter 9.
    • Vito also tells Anne Maria about Mike's condition. Then they say goodbye after their Last Kiss.

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