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Heartwarming / Requiem for a Loud

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Even a story has depressing as this can have some heartwarming moments.


  • Chapter 2: An Unnerving Wait
    • Lincoln encouraging Luan to make a joke is pretty sweet of him considering he (along with the rest of the sisters) usually gets annoyed by her bad puns.
  • Chapter 3: House of Sadness
    • Lynn being perfectly willing to skip school and her tennis class just so she could see Lincoln in the hospital is pretty brave of her, and also shows just how much she cares about Lincoln.
  • Chapter 4: Masquerades
    • Ronnie Anne standing up to a kid that was bullying Lucy.
  • Chapter 5: Adrien
    • Lincoln assuring Adrien that, for what it is worth, he will remember him.
  • Chapter 7: The weight on his shoulders
  • Chapter 8: Lincoln's Blue Period - Part 1
  • Chapter 9: Lincoln's Blue Period - Part 2
    • Cristina makes the mistake of showing up at the worst possible moment when Lincoln is about to reveal his condition to Ronnie Anne, which leads her to assume that Lincoln was planning on breaking up with her and immediately storms off. Though Lincoln was clearly mad at Cristina, he still softens up and gives her a comforting hug when she breaks down upon learning about his imminent death.
    • Clyde assuring Lincoln that he will stay with him till the very end. Even though the author considers Clyde to be the worst character of the series, he still writes him as a loyal friend.
    • The whole selfie scene between Lincoln and Leni. Leni is at this point the only one of the sisters who knows the truth about Lincoln, but still acts like her usual cheerful self around him and makes the most of what time they have left. After all he has been through already, it’s a nice break for Lincoln.
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    • Adrien's mother visiting Lincoln to thank him for letting Adrien finally have a real friend after years of constant moving prevented him from having one.
  • Chapter 10: Operation Farewell
    • Lori and Leni assure Lincoln that they still appreciate the breakfast he made for them after Lynn and Luna get into a fight with their parents.
    • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne finally reconciling after everything they went through in the previous chapter and this one.
  • Chapter 11: The best medicine
    • The flashback scene that shows how Lincoln, when he was 4, inspired Luan to become a comedian.
    • Luna expressing her concerns about Luan’s sudden silence, proving that, despite Luan's antics and bad jokes, she really does like her younger sister.
    • Lincoln gently putting Lisa in bed after finding she has fallen asleep on the floor of her room while working on a cure for him.
    • Luan admitting that Lincoln is her favorite sibling, hence why she has more videotapes of him than of any of her sisters.
    • Lincoln snapping Luan out of her self-loathing, reminding her what a good comedian she is.
    • In a meta-sense: seeing the author write such a sad yet heartwarming chapter for Luan despite her not being his favorite character.
  • Chapter 12: Nobody's Fault
    • Lynn consoling Lincoln after how he made his team lose an important match in the episode “The Loudest Yard”.
    • Lincoln finally getting through to Lynn, making her realize that no, it was not her fault Lincoln is dying.
  • Chapter 13: Unplugged
    • Luna joining Lola's tea party after the latter laments at how Lana is always picked by the other siblings over her to spend time with.
    • At Luna's debut concert, she first met her roadie Chunk when he lent his guitar to her to save the concert when she broke one of the strings on her own out of nervousness and didn't have any spare strings.
  • Chapter 14: The Show Must Go On, Part 1
    • Clyde and Ronnie Anne willingly sacrifice their day with Lincoln so Lincoln can execute his plan to help Luna, and before they part ways, Lincoln drags both Clyde and Ronnie Anne into a group hug.
  • Chapter 15: The Show Must Go On, Part 2
    • The flashback at the start of the chapter of a 7-year-old Luna helping a 3-year-old Lincoln when he had a bed wetting accident.
    • Lincoln asking Lori to make sure Lucy is okay, and that she and Lynn make peace.
    • Luan apologizing to Luna for ignoring her the past few days, and the reveal that Luna considers Luan her best friend and confident.
    • The climax. Tearjerking is at is, it’s also sweet to finally see Lincoln get through to Luna, and get her to sing again.
  • Chapter 16: Silver Lake
    • Lynn follows up on her plan to learn how to cook, and makes Lincoln some hotcakes. The other sisters then invite him over to the grown up table where they all have a great time for the first time in days.
    • Lori and Luna forgive each other for their violent argument 3 chapters earlier.
    • The bulk of the chapter is one big moment of heartwarming as Lynn Sr. and Lincoln bond during their fishing trip. Special mention goes to the part where Lynn explains why Lincoln was named after president Abraham Lincoln; because Lynn always knew Lincoln would be extraordinary.
  • Chapter 17: The Junkyard
    • Like chapter 15, the climax of this chapter is a mix of both Tearjerking and Heartwarming moments; Lincoln finds Lucy in the junkyard, where she ran off to after learning the truth about Lincoln. He finally opens up to her about how he’s afraid of his oncoming death, and reads her a poem he found on the internet to convince her that he will always be with her.
  • Chapter 18: Shared Emotions
    • When Lincoln's classmates discover his illness, they all text him to tell him how bad they feel. Note that these are the same classmates who constantly like to tease Lincoln, so this effectively shows that they aren't heartless people.
    • When Lincoln finally tells Lola and Lana the truth about why everybody has been acting so weird, they both break down and tell Lincoln that they can't imagine living without him. Lincoln also assures them in the same way he did with Lucy: by telling them that whether he'd be dead or alive, he'll always be with them.
  • Chapter 20: A different Lincoln
    • Lincoln taking Leni's suggestion that he and the rest of the siblings should play a board game. It was undoubtedly the most fun the siblings had with each other in a while.
    • Lincoln trying his best with keeping his mother from breaking down.
    • Lucy admitting to her family that the Princess Pony book belonged to her, which prompts all the sisters to recall the times Lincoln took the fall for them or when they mistreated him.
    • Harold and Howard praising Lincoln for how he helped Clyde, and accepted the McBrides for what they were.
    • Lincoln deciding to help out Luan, Lynn, and Lucy:
      • Lincoln decides to practice throwing pies with Luan, and the two genuinely having fun together.
      • Lynn apologizes for the times she was rough towards Lincoln, and calls him the best little brother in the word.
      • Lincoln convincing Lucy to continue writing poetry, in spite of it reminding her so much of Lincoln and his upcoming death.
    • After Lincoln dyes his hair brown, the siblings (sans Lisa) share a group hug with him and says that he looks beautiful.
    • Lincoln allowing the twins to sleep alongside him, with the twins telling Lincoln that they love him.
  • Chapter 21: A Trophy for Love:
    • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne drop the masquerade, admit they love each other, and officially become a couple.
  • Chapter 22: The Calm
    • Lynn and Ronnie Anne make amends for their fight earlier, and then drag Lincoln into a group hug.
    • Pop Pop telling Lincoln that his medals mean nothing compared to him and his ten sisters.
  • Chapter 25: Promises
    • Since they all want to bunk with Lincoln, the Loud Siblings decide to hold a huge sleepover in the living room. During this sleepover, Lincoln confesses his fear that his sisters might forget him after his death. Naturally, they all assure him why that will never happen.


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