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Awesome / Re Revenge Of The Island An Alternate Reality

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The Awesome Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Cameron convinces Brick and Sam to NOT vote off Dawn.
  • Jo uses Star Wars references to mock Anne Maria.
    "You are about as cute as a Sandperson, as well spoken as Chewbacca, and have the gracefulness of R2-D2!"
  • Mike decides he would be the team leader instead of Jo and the others on The Mutant Maggots agree with him.
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  • Mike, as Manitoba Smith, uses a lasso to rope one Sasquatchanakwa's arms.
  • Mike: (to Chris) You stupid p*** god d*** f***and gr*** in your own j*** with a pile of up*** and a riot with cr*** hippopotamus t*** no good d*** applejacks!
  • In Chapter 8, Mike shows his determination in the confessional when it seems he's the last one on his team.
  • Mike battles a mutant gopher Spider-Man-style, complete with his "web shooters" and some wisecracking insults.
  • Cameron single-handedly defeats the Geological Intelligence and Yttrium-based Gyroid Administrative System in Chapter 9.


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