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  • Several times throughout the series, particularly the offshoot where a cure is found.
    • The cured protagonists don't remember their lives before being infected, but they remember each other. The first thing Smoker does when she reunites with Hunter is sign (she can't talk) a heart into her hand.
    • Hunter also reunites with some of her parkour friends when she's cured. They're all really relieved to see one another alive and well.
  • Even as zombies, the protagonists take care of and look out for one another.
    • Hunter and Smoker especially stick close to one another. There are times when it seems like they almost remember...
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  • The reason Smoker got infected in the Infected universe is because Hunter came to her when she got bit, and Smoker stayed with her, even though she'd heard the broadcasts about what was going on. She didn't even leave when Hunter started bleeding from her eyes.
  • In the Dark Carnival campaign, when Smoker finds out that the Riders lip-synch, she suffers from a pretty bad Broken Pedestal. Jockey reassures her that the Riders must have been saving it for an emergency, so that their fans would get a show no matter what.
  • When Jockey is teetering on the edge of a breakdown about the zombies forcing them to not celebrate Halloween, Hunter backs her and gets the others to spend some time trying on costumes and generally taking a break.
  • Hunter learns a romantic song from RENT (I'll Cover You) and sings it to Smoker on Valentine's day.
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  • Hunter turns down a substantial pay raise at her job because it would mean moving several hours away from Smoker and her friends.
  • When Hunter messes up her sweater, Smoker takes the time to fix it, and then surprises her with it. She also embroidered the Meow Mix song on the back.
  • When Charger's feeling depressed about the ravaged ecosystem, a frog hops up to her, and she actually starts emitting cartoon hearts.
  • At the beginning of the Cured AU, Smoker tries to drag a tranquilized Hunter to safety rather than engage the survivors. Then, Charger carries Jockey over to Hunter and Smoker and tries to carry all three of them to safety before she succumbs.
  • The survivors find a kitten. Becomes a tearjerker when Charger points out that they can’t bring a kitten with them and need to let him go.
  • Hunter and Smoker getting married, with Charger giving Smoker away. Delves into Mood whiplash when Hunter breaks down at the altar promising to never leave Smoker.
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  • When the survivors really need fuel to keep a fire going, Hunter, Smoker, and Jockey convince Charger not to burn a picture she has of her and David.
  • Charger, Jockey, Hunter, and Smoker meeting David, Ray, Jordan, and Travis in the survivor AU. It's a rare moment of pure happiness for all involved.
  • Survivor!Hunter breaks into a jewelry store to get Smoker jewelry, moving her to tears (although she denies it).
  • Mousey tracks down Cured!Charger’s ring, gives it to her, and brings back a lot of her memories of David. Smoker even hugs her for that one.

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