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Heartwarming / Now You See Me

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  • The whole It Has Been an Honor moment the Horsemen share before their final performance.
  • Daniel and Henley holding hands before jumping onto the carousel.
  • During the show in New Orleans, the Horsemen explain that the money being added to the audience's accounts is for the losses they suffered during Hurricane Katrina.
    • To elaborate on that, the man paying for the show, Arthur Tressler, had his insurance company cheat Katrina victims out of their settlements. So the Four Horsemen took the money the victims were owed out of his account and gave it back. You can hear the sheer glee in these people's voices- they were probably struggling to survive, to live day-to-day, and then magically, here was hope. Here was something to live on, to build on, from what they were cheated out of. This was one of the pinnacle moments of the movie.
      • This scene was even a meta-example of Heartwarming because that part of the movie was filmed on-location in The Big Easy, and all of those extras were locals. Some of them probably DID suffer real-life losses to Katrina, so their excitement wasn't mere acting, but probably genuine. The fact that the filmmakers also explicitly made that scene take place in New Orleans counted as this for the city, since a lot of films use New Orleans to double as New York City or some other place, and people from New Orleans have grown weary of this and want a movie to show their town for what it truly is: a unique city with a rich, diverse cultural history.

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