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Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you.
J. Daniel Atlas, 00:32

Merrit McKinney: Now, you just hang out there, wriggle a sec; I'm gonna take a little peek under the hood of your hubby's brain. Now, I'm picturing, don't tell me... Beach, cocktails... Florida?
Man: Look, it was a business trip.
McKinney: Well, I mean, it is a kind of business, maybe the oldest business.
Man: ...Uh, you know what, Honey Bee, let's—
McKinney: She can't move, Mack. You're thinking of a woman's name. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, J? Jean, Jane, Janet— Who's Janet?
Man: *winces*
McKinney: *looks at man's wife* You know Janet?
Woman: *still hypnotized so she can't speak* Mm-hmm!
McKinney: It's not your best friend, is it?
Woman: M'snn-uh!
McKinney: Your sister? Her sister? Oh, my God, you weren't away "on business", you were away "on Janet". Your wife's sister!
Woman: Mnh? Mnh! *tries to hit husband*
McKinney: Okay, now she's gonna get upset, so let's move over here. You want this to go away?
Man: Yes.
McKinney: Okay, pull out your wallet. Come on, get it out.
Man: You shake down everyone like this?
McKinney: No, only the special few. What is this, two hundred seem fair? You know what, this is a big deal, let's go two-fifty.
Man: You're a stick-up artist.
McKinney: Yeah. Of course. *shameless grin* Okay! Aaannnd, sleep! *snaps fingers, woman slumps over* Now when I snap my fingers, you won't remember any of this. And you, Warren Beatty, every time you see or even think of Janet, you're gonna picture me *pops man on the forehead* naked. And that's not a pretty sight.
Man: *glances down nervously* Yeah.
— 01:36

Girl: *between kisses* I am your biggest fan. *practically climbing on top of Daniel*
Daniel: I could tell by the way you're attacking my face right now.
— 06:44

*Danny & Henley turn the corner, arguing, but pause when they see they aren't alone*
McKinney: Oh. Kay, so, apparently none of us was the only one chosen. Let me be the first one to kick my ego to the curb.
Daniel: *walks forward to open door* Yeah, excuse me.
McKinney: Door's locked. *steps aside*
Daniel: Is it? I'll check.
McKinney: *turning to Henley* You. Now, hold it, don't tell me, uhh... Helen? No no, Henley.
Daniel: It's on your coffee cup.
McKinney: Thanks for keeping me honest. That wasn't mentalism, by the way, it was just an observation. Second observation, you are... beautiful.
Henley Reeves: Thank you.
— 09:20

McKinney: Hold on, I'm sensing... I'm sensing you are, a control freak?
Daniel: I'm sorry, have we met before?
Henley: *scoffs* It doesn't take a mentalist to figure that out; you are a control freak.
Daniel: Well, I take that as a compliment.
Henley: Only he would take it as a compliment.
Daniel: Good. Another compliment.
McKinney: So... that's why you're no longer a couple.
Daniel & Henley: A couple? No no, we were never a couple.
Henley: He used to saw me in half.
Daniel: She was a very good assistant.
Henley: Yeah. But, I was too fat for Danny.
Daniel: No. I said that one time, because of the— the trap door.
Henley: No one could fit through there! No one!
Daniel: Rebecca fit through. Rebecca fit for years.
Henley: Do you know how hard it is, to stay in those tiny little costumes?
Daniel: Uh, no. I'm the main attraction.
— 10:04

*showing which cards they got*
Jack Wilder: Death.
Henley: The High Priestess.
Daniel: I'm the Lover.
Henley: *coughs* Three minutes.
McKinney: Hermit.
Jack: So ah, what are we... a-are we waiting for someone, wh-why are we just—
Daniel & Henley: The door's locked.
Jack: Oh, no, nothin— nothin's ever locked.
— 11:02

*Camera zooms to Thaddeus recording the magic show with a cell phone*
Usher: I'm sorry, Sir. Uh, there's absolutely no recording allowed during the performance.
Thaddeus Bradly:Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, of course. Let me just put this away.
Usher: Actually, I need to take that. After the show I can come and give it back to you.
Thaddeus: *slowly hands phone over* Okay.
Usher: *leaves*
Thaddeus: *chuckles & pulls out high-quality mini video camera*
— 14:56

*storming out* Too many French people in one room.
Dylan Rhodes, 24:54

*Agent Rhodes & Alma are about to question McKinney*
Agent Fuller: Dylan, for the record, mentalism? Has never actually been proven to be accurate.
Dylan: Okay.
Agent Fuller: That is to say that it's not a science, it's, it's, you know, more for, entertainment.
Dylan: All right.
Agent Fuller: Just— Just, don't believe everything the guy says, that's all.
*Dylan & Alma walk into McKinney's cell*
McKinney: Please convey my deepest apologies to your colleague out there. I'm really sorry about this whole Tranny Tuesday thing, I was out of line.
Dylan: "Tranny Tuesday"?
McKinney: Well it's an arrangement he and his wife have, or might not have, if you believe everything Agent Fuller is saying to be correct, but isn't there a proud tradition in the FBI of men wearing dresses? *turns to one-way mirror* No shame, Agent Fuller. *snaps fingers flamboyantly* No shame.
— 25:38

Alma: So. If you had nothing to do with it, then how did the playing card get into the vault?
Daniel: Oh yes, that would be, uh... Hey, what do the kids call it these days? Oh yes, that's right, "magic".
— 26:22

Dylan: It says here you are a... a mentalist. Well what exactly is "mental-ism"?
McKinney: Tricks, mostly. Umm, some science, uh, "targeted guessing" might me a most apt description, along with some intuition and the occasional... *clutches skull dramatically* voices in my head.
— 26:38

Daniel: Um, as far as I understand it, when the man from Paris, uh, put on the magical helmet, I guess—
Dylan: Listen to me. If you didn't rob that bank, then you knew about it. Which makes you an accomplice. So if you wanna walk away today, I'd suggest you start—
Daniel: Okay, now you listen to me, unless you think there's a D.A. in the state of Nevada who'd be willing to make sense of this to a jury, then we have a show to perform. And you, Agent Rhodes, have a drawing board to get back to.
— 27:26

Dylan: You are literally begging to be arrested, you know that?
Daniel: If it means you would actually do it, then yeah. But you won't. Because if you did it means that you, and the FBI, and your friends at Interpol, actually believe - at an institutional level - in magic. *sits back* The press would have a field day. And we'd be even more famous than we already are, and you guys would look like idiots even more than you already are.
Alma: *amused snort*
Daniel: Well, no, not you. But, him. Right?
Dylan: *raises eyebrow*
Daniel: You have, what we in the business like to call, "nothing up your sleeve". And you know it.
— 28:10

Dylan: You wanna know who sat in that chair before you? Mob bosses, murderers, and thieves. And you know who put 'em there? The guy who's sitting in this chair. So I warn you: I can maintain my resolve much longer than you can maintain that phony arrogance. And, the instant that you even show the slightest crack in that smug facade, I'll be there. I will be all over you like—
Daniel: Like white on rice? [Alma smirks] Sorry. That's unfair. Let me warn you. I want you to follow. Because no matter what you think you might know we will always be one step, three steps, seven steps ahead of you and just when you think you're catching up, that's when we'll be right behind you. And at no time will you be anywhere other than exactly where I want you to be. So come close. Get all over me, because the closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see.
— 29:00

First rule of magic: Always be the smartest guy in the room.
Daniel, 30:00

Dylan: Boss, what are we doing? We're letting them go? They all but admitted they're gonna do it again!
Evans: 'Bout a half an hour ago you didn't give a damn about them. What changed?
Dylan: I met them.
— 30:24

Thaddeus: Showmanship and theatrics. When a magician waves his hand and says, "this is where the magic is happening", the real trick is happening somewhere else. Misdirection: A basic concept of magic.
Dylan: I'm not interested in the concepts of magic. I wanna know how they robbed a bank.
Thaddeus: You're an idiot if you think they robbed a bank. But don't take my word for it. How about a trip to Paris?
[Dylan gets set up on the teleporter just like the Frenchman in the show]
Thaddeus: And, when you're ready to go to Paris, just say the magic word.
Dylan: Blow me?
Thaddeus: That'll suffice.
— 33:13

Dylan: So they got a vault set. And it's the exact replica of the little French guy's bank. So he's a plant.
Thaddeus: He was a dupe, not a plant. They chose him. They knew which seat he was in.
Dylan: No no no, the audience picked the seat. [Thaddeus smirks] Unless, of course, the audience didn't pick the seat.
— 34:36

Dylan: So how did they know what bank was his?
Thaddeus: You're kidding.
Dylan: Really? Can you be any more of a condescending ass?
Thaddeus: Yes. [Alma giggles] Like this. There's a very rare... very mysterious way in which a magician divines an audience member's bank. You ready?
Dylan: Yes.
Thaddeus: *gets in close, whispers* Credit card.
— 35:35

Dylan: You said they didn't steal the money.
Thaddeus: No, I didn't say they didn't steal the money, I said they didn't rob the bank.
— 36:08

Two days ago, no one heard of these guys, but tonight's show sold out in thirty-five seconds; I think these guys have cracked the secret to show business: give your audience three million dollars. Puts 'em in a good mood, doesn't it?
Conan O'Brien, 37:33

McKinney: Um, allow me to make plain what we've both been thinking.
Henley: And, what's that?
McKinney: Well, obviously you have feelings of affection for Daniel, unrequited and misguided, owing to his lack of emotional availability; consequently, you're very tightly... How should I put it, um... corked.
Henley: Oh, I am?
McKinney: Now, recognizing that you have physical needs not being met, and, strictly in the vein of helping a sister out, I invite you to think of me as your own personal... corkscrew.
Henley: Wow. Thanks. Let me mull over that offer of cheap and meaningless sex, and—
McKinney: Cheap and meaningless, maybe, but, uh, not time-consuming.
Henley: *laughs*
— 38:45

Alma: Is it magicians in general you have a problem with, or, specifically those guys?
Dylan: Uhh. I could care less about magicians in general. What I hate is people who exploit other people.
Alma: Exploit them how? *holds out cards for Dylan to pick* Try again
Dylan: By taking advantage of their weaknesses, their need to believe in something that's unexplainable, in order to uh, make their lives more bearable.
Alma: I see it as a strength. My life is happier when I believe that. *holds out King of Diamonds* Is this your card?
Dylan: ...Yeah.
Alma: Yeah?
Dylan: Yeah.
Alma: Cool. [Dylan smiles] That smile, on your face - is it real?
Dylan: Maybe.
Alma: So let me ask you, Mister Detective Man: do you feel exploited, or did you have maybe a tiny, tiny bit of fun?
— 39:25

Daniel: Hey guys? Uh, we got a show to prepare for.
McKinney: Oh! Do we now? *stands up & stares at Daniel*
Daniel: No no no, don't do that, you're not doing that thing to me, no-no-no.
McKinney: What "thing"? I'm just looking at you.
Daniel: No you're not, I've been watching you for a year, I know all of your little tricks.
McKinney: Is that what they are to you, tricks?
Daniel: Yes, it's gimmicks, it's Barnum statements, it's reading the eyes, body language, I get it.
McKinney: If it's such an easy thing, why don't you do, Henley?
Henley: Yeah, Danny. Why don't you do me?
Daniel: No, you're too easy. I'll do uh - I'll do Jasmine.
Arthur Tressler: No. Do me.
McKinney: Oh yeah. Yeah, do Art.
Daniel: Okay. Art.
Tressler: Yeah. But I warn you, I can be difficult to read, when I want to be.
Daniel: Just, uh, stay with me, okay? So, Art, you were a tough kid. You know, kind of a real... rapscallion. You had a dog, a real tough dog, a brutish breed, like a real... I wanna say... Ben the bulldog.
Tressler: Actually, I was a prissy little tot; I had a fluffy white cat called Snuffles. Ha ha!
McKinney: Wah-wah.
Daniel: Ahh! *thumps side of plane, then pauses, remembering it's Tressler's private jet* Sorry.
Jack: Okay, wait, let me try one, I can do way better than that.
Henley: Let him do it!
Daniel: Come on, give me one more time, one more time.
Henley: He can do way better than that.
Daniel: Family. Let's do family. You had an, uncle? On your mother's side. He had a real, kind of... a real masculine name, a real, kind of... salt-of-the-earth, you know, a real stick-it-to-you, like it was, uhh, some kind of Paul. Thompson? Was it a Paul... *sighs* Okay, you know what, I got nothin'.
Tressler: Nearly though.
Daniel: Was I?
Tressler: Yeah! My uncle's name was Cushman Armitage. *laughs*
Daniel: Really? Snuffles and Cushman Armitage, that was your childhood.
Tressler: I certainly hope tonight's show is gonna be better than this. [magicians glance at each other]
Daniel: Don't worry. Oh, just you wait.
— 40:26

You're missing the big picture here, Dylan. There is a place, in Paris, Pont des Arts. Sometimes in the mornings I, sit on a bench there, and I watch the people make a wish and lock it in a lock on the bridge. Then, throw the key into the Seine. ...All day they do this. Mothers, lovers, old men, watching the key sink into the water and... their secret is locked away forever. Real and, at the same time, magical.
Alma, 43:50

[Tressler interrupts Thaddeus's filming session]
Thaddeus: Either you have a Cease-and-Desist - which you don't - or you should leave.
Tressler: If I want something to cease. Or. Desist. ...It does.
Hermia: Take five. [film crew leaves room]
Tressler: According to your potential backers, you stand to make two-and-a-half million, tops, from your best special. I have here, a check *places check on table* for three-and-a-half million.
Thaddeus: To walk away?
Tressler: To fly away. My jet is at your disposal.
Thaddeus: Let's not kid ourselves, Mr. Tressler. You're in this to ride them up, I'm in it to ride them down.
Tressler: I take it that we do not have a deal. And therein lies our conflict. *picks up check and holds it to candle flame* Let me be blunt. My bank account is much, much bigger than yours, and my lawyers... are much stronger. And they... *picks up creepy figurine from table* will manacle you, with so many injunctions, until you stand by hopelessly watching everything that you own drain away... in front of your greedy, little eyes.
Thaddeus: This isn't the first time I've been threatened.
Tressler: It is, however, the first time you've been threatened by me. *impales figurine on protruding nail*
Thaddeus: Oops! You shouldn't'a done that. According to superstition, one who uses a doll to enact one's own wrath is likely to bring that very wrath unto himself.
Tressler: Isn't that funny? And I thought you didn't believe in magic.
— 45:32

What is magic? Our argument: nothing but targeted deception. So I want you to look. Look as closely as possible. Because the tricks you are about to see may not seem connected. But we assure you they are. Is what follows one hundred different tricks? Or is it one, giant illusion?
Daniel, 48:53

Henley: *carrying white rabbit* And now, for one of the oldest tricks in the book - Danny, if you wouldn't mind opening up the box and showing everybody that it's completely empty. [...] I'm gonna take sweet little Fluffy here, and put her inside this mystery box.
Daniel: And now, you will say the magic word:
Henley: Ah, abracadabra.
Daniel: Yes, and I will wave this magic wand, for no reason, *waves wand over box, then tosses it behind him* and then *opens box* Fluffy has magically vanished before your very eyes.
— 49:24

Thaddeus: If it makes you feel any better, this wasn't about you.
Tressler: Please tell me why this was not about me.
Thaddeus: This is a magic trick, Mr. Tressler. Played out on a global scale. You sir are the... abracadabra. The distraction, while they set up the real trick.
Tressler: I? Was a hundred-and-forty-million dollar. Distraction?
Thaddeus: Yes. And that very ego that got you involved with them in the first place is what keeps you from seeing that.
Tressler: You know—
Thaddeus: "I can destroy you," yes, I do know. But you won't. And you won't destroy them. Whatever this grand trick is, it was designed a long time ago. And I believe that what's about to follow is really going to amaze. So I suggest you sit back, and enjoy your front row seat. You paid quite a lot of good money for it. *stands up and starts to leave*
Tressler: Whatever you stand to make—
Thaddeus: *pauses, then sits back down*
Tressler: I'll double it, if you expose them now, and destroy them.
Thaddeus: I stand to make five million.
Tressler: Am I flinching?
Thaddeus: ...No you're not.
— 01:03:04

Whatever this grand trick is, it was designed a long time ago. And I believe that what's about to follow... is really going to amaze. So I suggest you sit back, and enjoy your front row seat.
Thaddeus Bradley, 01:03:44

Dylan: *reading from book* "Candidates for initiations must follow a series of commands with blind obedience; for only by taking a leap of faith will their eyes truly be opened to the world of miracles." So the Horsemen... the heists... the shows... all of this is, only to...
Alma: To join the Eye.
Dylan: Come on, don't you think that's a little extreme? I mean, I had to pledge at a fraternity at Rutgers and all they asked from me was to do four beer bongs and put a diaper on a squirrel, so—
Alma: *completely confused* Wh...what?
Dylan: I like squirrels, I- I'm not a frat guy, it's just— never mind, I'm an idiot.
— 01:05:51

Thaddeus: You do understand the function of the magician's assistant, don't you, Agent Rhodes?
Dylan: Yeah, she's there to distract 'em while he sets up the trick.
Thaddeus: *chuckles* Well, you'd be right if you weren't so wrong. While you're watching the magician, that lovely innocent is actually pulling the strings.
— 01:18:00

The level of incompetence displayed on this case - that's a magic trick in and of itself. Abracadabra. I'm taking over.
Cowan, 01:19:43

What is magic? Magic is deception, but deception designed to... delight, to entertain, to inspire. It is about belief, faith, trust. Without those qualities, magic, as an art form, would no longer exist.

McKinney: Daniel?
Daniel: Yeah.
McKinney: Uh, as our... let's call it, year of, living dangerously comes to a close, in a... rare moment of vulnerability I'd like to express a... sentiment to you about our relationship.
Daniel: Okay.
McKinney: Well when I first met you, I thought you were kind of a... dick.
Daniel: Huh! Oh.
Henley: And?
McKinney: *glances around* No no, that's it.
Daniel: That's very nice. I'm touched.
McKinney: Yeah. Just... from the heart.
Daniel: Well, I didn't tell you were I was touched.
McKinney: Oh, you!
Henley: *giggles*
— 01:28:06

Dylan: Explain, then. Wh-who's behind all this?
Thaddeus: Somebody with an obsession! Meticulous!
Dylan: Who?
Thaddeus: Somebody prepared to sacrifice everything. Somebody so prepared to lose, that they wouldn't even be a suspect until the trick was done.
Dylan: I don't want a profile, I need a name. Who? Who?
Thaddeus: I don't know who! But they had to have access to the warehouse. Plant the mirrors. Always a step ahead of me. And the FBI. Got past them not once, not twice, but consistently. Almost as if they were on the in—
— 01:39:00

Come in close. Closer. Because now you know our secret. We could be anywhere. Watching you. We're looking for someone to help us with our next trick. On the count of three, open your eyes, and tell me what you see. One... two...
— The Five Horsemen, right before cutting to credits, 01:45:19

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