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Heartwarming / Now and Then

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  • Teeny and especially Chrissy make a Heartwarming Moment in the attic after Roberta has a breakdown about her mother and the truth about Johnny, and Sam tells the others about her parents' divorce:
    Teeny: Screw 'em. You guys have us.
    Chrissy: I say we make a pact here and now. We're here for each other, always. No matter what happens in life. If Teeny goes off to Hollywood or I marry a rich doctor... we remember this day and this pact. When we need a friend we're there for each other. We can count on it. No matter what.
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  • Sam's scene with Pete in the graveyard, especially "But you were there for me.".
  • Roberta delivering Chrissy's baby and sharing a warm look between them.
  • "Roberta, you're my best friend."
  • Teeny mentioning that she had been sending Crazy Pete a Chrismas card with some money in it every year.
  • Sam snuggling under the blankets with her little sister as their parents heatedly argue downstairs.
  • Easy to not notice, but Sam's grandmother, despite treating her daughter-n-law pretty rudely, truly cares about Sam.
  • Chrissy's husband is revealed to be Morton Williams. "Hello, Dear."

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