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Heartwarming / Misery

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  • Why did Paul write the Misery series if he hates the character so much? So that he could pay for his daughter's schooling and braces. Sure Paul claims to not be a Nice Guy, but he's a Doting Parent where it counts.
  • Paul's agent after the ordeal is very kind to him. She takes it in stride that Paul has a new book, one of his best ones, and moves to publish it because it will be a bestseller. Then she suggests that he write a memoir about the experience. Paul refuses, engaging in some Gallows Humor that it would kill his writing the way Annie nearly killed him. While the agent doesn't find it funny, she backs off and gives him space.
  • At the end of the book, Paul starting a new story after all the shit he went through.
  • Anyone who's done any kind of writing themselves will likely find themselves caught right up with Paul as it finally clicks with him how the Misery series can really work and become something he can be proud of.