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Headscratchers / Misery

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  • In the hardback edition, Paul is reading Annie's scrapbook and musing over one of her victims. In sarcastic mode, he thinks, "Ought to've had a special rendition of 'Annie, Won't You Come By Here' sung by The Moron Tabersnackle Choir." In the subsequent paperback editions, that term of mockery, "Moron Tabersnackle," was replaced by the institution's proper name, "Mormon Tabernacle." I've always wondered why that change was made. Did King or his publishers receive complaints from the Mormon church or the Tabernacle Choir over being mocked? Certainly King had every right to tease the Choir if he felt like it.
  • How is Annie even supporting herself, not to mention Paul? She's unemployed and since her ex-husband was the one who filed for the divorce, she probably isn't getting much if any alimony. The only indication we really get about her finances is the thing about property tax, and it isn't specified that she was late due to financial strain. Paul thinks she probably simply forgot the deadline.
    • Some reasoned speculation since it's been a while since this troper read the book. It's implied she had a hand in the death of her father. In the film at least he is shown to be a banker in the news clipping, so was likely wealthy. She may have inherited a large amount of that wealth after his death, plus possibly a life insurance policy as it was an "accident". Annie also apparently got away with the serial murders, but is retired from nursing. Perhaps she was able to take early retirement and still claim a pension from a medical system that just wanted to move on from the nightmare quietly.
    • Same thing on the "been a while", but I'm pretty sure she was put on trial for all the murders she had done of babies. Given that she was found not guilty on all charges, it's quite possible she's got some passive income in the form of lawsuit settlements with the state, the hospital, and/or the press for the "false accusations" and "slander" of her "good" name.