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Heartwarming / Miss Prince

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Sometimes a chip can build a takeaway

  • Lucinda and Erlina
    • Their friendship, initially typical of a Swan Maiden situ, blossoming into a "best friend" one. Erlina drops the "you have to marry me, it's traditional" front in earnest.
    • When Lucinda protects Erlina against the angry mob at Polvan. It's Erlina's best memory of their friendship.
  • Sara
    • Sara coming up with "Cinders", a decent nickname for Lucinda, shows she's not as much of a Jerk as is first thought.
    • The little moments of affection shown towards Lucinda in the middle of the book. These aren't as noticeable as one might think, after all this is Sara, but lines like "The thing is, Cinders", spoken with a softer tone and more inclination, really start to show her more caring side.
    • Johann is welcomed into the Rent-A-Legend office when they are planning the fight against Alucard. This, compared to her reaction when he first visits, is quite remarkable.
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    • The swivel chair Lucinda brings her at the end of the book.

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