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Heartwarming / Miracle on 34th Street

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  • Alfred, Macy janitor. It's amazing how heartwarming a janitor can be, especially when he points out the Christmas shouldn't be about making money.
  • Kris and the little Dutch orphan girl. The entire conversation is a Bilingual Bonus.
    Kris: Hallo! ik ben blij dat je gekomen bent! (Hello! I’m glad you came!)
    Girl: O, u bent Sinterklaas! (Oh, you are Santa Claus!)
    Kris: Jazeker! (Yes, surely!)
    Girl: Ik wist dat u het zou begrijpen! (I knew you would understand!)
    Kris Kringle: Natuurlijk! Zeg maar wat je zou willen hebben. (Naturally! Tell me what you’d like to have.)
    Girl: Niets; ik heb van alles. Ik wil alléén maar bij deze lieve dame zijn. (Nothing; I have everything. I just want to be with this nice lady.)
    Kris Kringle: Wil je een liedje voor me zingen? (Would you like to sing me a little song?)
    Both (singing): Sinterklaas kapoentje, (Santa Claus, you rascal,)
    Geef wat in mijn schoentje, (Give me something in my shoe,)
    Geef wat in mijn laarsje, (Give me something in my boot,)
    Dank u, Sinterklaasje! (Thank you, Santa Claus!)
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  • In the 1994 remake the Dutch war orphan is changed to a young deaf girl named Sami, played by a real deaf girl. Sami is seated on Kris's lap and once Kris begins speaking to her Sami's mother tells him that she's deaf and he doesn't have to speak, she just wanted to see him. Kris begins signing to the girl, asking her name and signing "Jingle Bells" with her. The best part? Sami didn't know that Attenborough was going to sign to her, the surprise you see on her face is genuine.
  • During Kris's hearing, Mr. Macy is brought to the stand to testify, and is asked if he really believes him to be Santa Claus. When he's about to answer, he imagines the bad press it could bring his store if he admitted, in court, that his Santa is a fake. After he hesitates, the DA repeats the question. Macy thinks of Kris's professional air to the entire job, his goodwill campaign in dealing with the customers, and the smiling faces of all the children he greets before confidently answering, "I do."
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  • How about Kris's look of complete joy and gratitude as the letters pile on the judge's desk? *sniff*
  • Doris has just read Susan's letter to Kris. She smiles, then pulls out the fountain pen to add a message to the bottom. "I believe in you too. Doris."
  • The little exchange between Kris and Judge Harper after the trial (it's the sincerity on both men's faces that really sells it):
    Kris: Thank you so much, Your Honor, and a very Merry Christmas to you.
    Harper: Thank you, Mr. Kringle, and the same to you!
  • A brief exchange between Kris and Dr. Pierce, after he's gotten the X-ray machine he wanted:
    Dr. Pierce: All I can say is the state supreme court declared you to be Santa Claus, and personally and professionally I agree with them.


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