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Fridge / Miracle on 34th Street

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Dutch girl that spoke Dutch? She was speaking real Dutch, the production team took the time to find a child who spoke the real language. Thus ensuring the scene's believability.
    • The same with the little deaf girl in the 1994 version. They changed it from a Dutch girl because the original had her as a war orphan and that would make far less sense in 1994.
  • Along that line, Santa Claus speaking Dutch may be a Mythology Gag, considering the name Santa Claus comes from the Dutch language word for Saint Nikolas, and St Nick himself is the Patron Saint of Amsterdam

Fridge Horror

  • In the 1994 remake, either Santa did a Virgin Mary routine on Dorey, or he knew exactly when she was ovulating to orchestrate a liaison so she could conceive a child. Neither option is particularly appealing.
    • Assuming she was pregnant at that time. It's possible he counted Dorey getting married on Christmas as a set-up for Susan's wish for a sibling.
    • It was heavily implied. That's enough to be horrifying.

  • In all versions, the thought that they nearly committed the REAL Santa Claus to a mental institution is horrifying.

Fridge Logic

  • Exactly how do you make martinis "double-strength"? They're pretty much all booze to begin with. All you could really do is have more of them or a bigger glass.
    • Twice as much gin relative to the other ingredients?
      • The other ingredient is vermouth - another alcohol.


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