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  • Being declared Santa Claus... by the United States government.
    Judge Harper: (speaking from behind an ENORMOUS pile of letters on his desk) Since the United States government has declared this man to be Santa Claus, this court will NOT dispute it. Case dismissed!
    • The 1994 remake, while not going this route, manages to have a similarly impactful scene with just a $1 bill.
    In God We Trust
  • Also in the 1994 remake, Kris uses American sign language to communicate with a girl named Sami, who's deaf. It delights her and gives her a feeling of acceptance, much more than the good look at him she asked for.
  • Kris smacking the obnoxious psychiatrist upside the head.
    • And later at Kris's hearing, when Mr. Macy fires said obnoxious psychiatrist.
    • Before that, when Sawyer goes to Mr. Macy to explain that he's had Kris committed for hitting him, Macy furiously threatens to do the same if he doesn't get Kris back.
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  • Gailey's counter-speech toward Doris's Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! mentality, that actually impacts her enough to make her finally change her Jerkass ways.
  • Kris getting Macy's and Gimble's to work together on the holidays. It's reluctant at first, but it's now reduced to them jokingly fighting over who gets to pay for the X-Ray Machine that Kris was trying to find.
    Fred: You saw Macy and Gimbel shaking hands. That wasn't possible either, but it happened.
  • In the 1994 remake, Cole's uses its platform and influence to come to Kris's defense, and it's Elizabeth who talks them into it.


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