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Heartwarming / Mighty Joe Young

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Original film

  • "Don't worry kid. There's nobody in the world gonna shoot Joe now..."
  • The ending, with Jill and Gregg's "filmed letter".
    O'Hara: Come on, Windy, I got a million things to do.
    Windy: You got time for this (turns on movie projector. Jill and Gregg come into the scene).
    O'Hara: Hey, it's the kids!
    Windy: Crawford told me to spring it on you. He shot it when he was down there.
    O'Hara: (calling to the screen) Hey, Jill.
    Jill: (silently) Hello Max.
    O'Hara: Hey, they said "Hello, Max". (Joe walks into the scene. O'Hara takes a big step back) *Yipe*.
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  • O'Hara's Heel–Face Turn, where he admits that the whole mess was his fault and that he's willing to do whatever he can to set things right.

1998 film

  • Jill sings her African lullaby to calm Joe, and he gently strokes her cheek before falling asleep.
  • When Gregg is alone with a caged and depressed Joe, he laments how the ape was put in a cage when the former promised Jill that would never happen. Gregg places his hand into Joe's, who turns to face him, seeing Gregg's apologetic expression. Then Joe reciprocates by wrapping his fingers around Gregg's hand.
  • The ending, where people donate enough money for Jill and Gregg to buy more than enough land for Joe to roam freely, dubbing the space the "Joe Young Wildlife Preserve".

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