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The Films

The Mighty Ducks:

  • The first scene in Hans' shop, where he reminds Bombay why he loved hockey so much as a child. He gives Bombay a new pair of skates, which he immediately laces up for his first return to the ice in years.
  • Charlie and Gordon bonding and playing together, while Charlie's mom watches.
  • Charlie welcoming Banks to the team and then passing the puck to him in his first game with them, unlike everyone else.
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  • After Banks gets injured during his goal in the championship:
    Banks: Did [the puck] go in?
    Jesse: Yeah, man.
    Banks: Jesse do me a favor: kick some Hawk butt.
    Jesse: All right, cake eater.
  • Banks's father, though a big supporter of the Hawks, still rooted for his son when he scored his goal for the Ducks and then stood by Banks's side when he was carried off in the stretcher after being injured too.
  • Lewis, the driver that Ducksworth hired for Bombay, sticks around even after Bombay is fired and hangs out with the kids on the ice and joins in the group hug at the end.
  • Guy and Connie’s relationship in general. They’re constantly acting very casual and comfortable around each other and just come off as nothing but freaking adorable every time you see them together. It’s quite charming.

D2: The Mighty Ducks:


  • The movie starts with the man who once hated hockey having a whole lotta fun playing in the minor leagues, with a career in the NHL becoming a real possibility. Unfortunately, this makes his Career-Ending Injury a Tear Jerker.
  • A tiny one: Goldberg in the previous movie mentioned he was moving to Philadelphia with his mom, implying his parents were divorcing. It seems, given his parents are running a diner, they reconciled and he gets to stay in Minnesota. They also put up a photo of him that says, "OUR SON, THE GOALIE" with obvious pride.
  • Russ has been a heckler for Team USA and trolling Jesse. Then he sees Team USA exhausted during drills and fighting with each other. Revealing his Jerk with a Heart of Gold side, he invites them for a friendly game of rollerblading hockey.
  • The LA street hockey team reteaches Team USA how to play with pride and allow them to let off steam after their Iceland loss. By the end of the game, all are seen as Worthy Opponents.
    • Jesse tries to mouth off about Russ having a big mouth. Team USA goes Mass "Oh, Crap!". Then Russ's older brother smiles and admits it's true.
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    • Fulton comes over and praises Russ for his knuckle puck. Russ is very pleased.
    • Both teams give a Group Hug to Ken Wu when he's taught how to intimidate guys bigger than him.
  • Russ's older brother knows that no one on his team has the contacts to join Team USA. He's a little sad about it but wishes the Ducks good luck. When Charlie recruits Russ, his older brother comes to every game and cheers him on with obvious pride. Los Angeles as a whole feels the same way,
  • When Banks returns from his injury and Russ begins to take off his jersey, Charlie stops him and tells Bombay Banks can have his roster spot.

D3: The Mighty Ducks:

  • While Russ and Charlie fight about how Orion is being a Drill Sergeant Nasty, Russ is also grateful that Charlie recruited him for the Ducks.
  • The scene of Orion skating with his wheelchair-bound daughter, while Bombay explains how he gave up his pro career to take care of her.
  • The hug between Orion and Conway at the end of the movie.
  • The way that Bombay catches Charlie's eye at the end of the big game with a look that says "I told you that you and Orion would be awesome together."
  • Bombay takes Charlie to see his picture on the wall at the Academy, and we get the following (Watch!)
    Bombay: Look at that hair! I looked like Greg Brady! I was like you, Charlie. When I played hockey I was a total hot-shot. I tried to take control of every game; wound up quitting. So I tried the law, same thing. I rule in the courtroom but inside I'm a mess. I started drinking. Man, I was going down, but then this great thing happened. Maybe the best thing ever. I got arrested, and sentenced to community service. And there you were: Charlie and the Ducks. And as hard as I fought it, there you were. You gave me a life, Charlie, and I want to say "thank you." I told Orion about all this when I talked to him about taking over. I told him that you were the heart of the team, and that you would learn something from each other. I told him that you were the real Minnesota Miracle Man.
    Charlie: (eyes watering, voice cracking) You did?
    Bombay: I did. So be that man, Charlie. Be that man. (They hug.)
  • In the moments before the JV-Varsity Showdown, the Ducks skate in a circle while touching the ice with one hand, a Norwegian gesture of respect made in tribute to Hans.
  • Bombay exiting the rink and looking back once more, satisfied that he has built a great team with a great leader.

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