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YMMV / Mighty Joe Young

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  • Awesome Music: The 1998 remake features not only an amazing score from James Horner, but also includes beautiful African chanting.
  • Complete Monster: Andrei Strasser is a poacher who establishes his ruthlessness by killing the titular ape's mother as well as mortally wounding Dr. Ruth Young. Twelve years later, Andrei runs a supposed wildlife preserve wherein he sells organs of the animals he's harnessed over the black market. When he recognizes Joe as the ape that bit his fingers off years prior, Andrei—intent on selling the primate's body parts for a profit—goads Jill Young—Ruth's daughter—into giving him Joe, claiming he would be safe at his refuge. Strasser demonstrates his indifference towards the lives of others when a missed shot intended for Jill causes a deadly fire to spread throughout the carnival, endangering a child trapped in a Ferris wheel. Believing that he won, Strasser gloats whilst preparing to finish what he started with Jill's mother by murdering her. Valuing monetary gain above all else, Strasser exemplifies everything wrong with illegal hunting.
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  • Crazy Awesome: Max O'Hara, to promote a new night club, goes to Africa—tells sensational stories about his "adventures" there, and brings along cowboys to help him capture animals for his club! Why cowboys? "To lasso lions of course!"
  • I Am Not Shazam: "Mighty" is not part of the name of the eponymous gorilla. In the first film, he goes by "Joe Young" or "Mr. Joseph Young". In the second film, everyone calls him "Joe". With no last name.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Andrei Strasser crossed irredeemable territory when he murdered Joe and Jill's mothers.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The original's FX still hold up even in the age of CGI, which is amazing. The remake's use of practical animatronics and suitmation also look quite good and very realistic even to this day.

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