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Original film

  • Joe's fight with the cowboys near the start of the film. Crawford turned out to be right after all.
    "You can't rope a gorilla!"
  • Watching Joe take on a dozen male lions to protect some random human (admittedly, he was the one who set them lose in the first place) at Max's night club.
  • O'Hara gets one for refusing to help the police who've captured him get their car un-stuck from the mud. He helps again when they catch up to Joe and the others while their trying to help some children get out of a burning orphanage. One cop tried to shoot at Joe (which was really stupid of him because it was obvious he was helping some children escape a burning building) but O'Hara grabbed at the gun before he could fire.
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  • The whole nightclub rampage is an MoA for the then-young Ray Harryhausen. He was barely 29 years old, working on his first major film project, and doing a lot of very complicated stop-motion that still looks great!
  • Joe rescuing the children from the burning orphanage. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • O'Hara proving his Benevolent Boss credentials by stepping in to protect one of his cigarette girls from a bunch of loutish drunks.

1998 Remake

  • Joe saving the young boy from the burning Ferris wheel.
  • When Strasser prepares to shoot Jill, Jill smirks slyly and says "goodbye" as she sees Joe lurking behind him. Then Joe grabs Strasser and tosses him into a transformer, electrocuting him to death.

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