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Heartwarming / Magic Island

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  • Jack and Lily the Mermaid, how cute. Turns into a bit of a Tear Jerker when the they have to part company.
    Lily: It gave me a leaf to remember it by.
  • Morgan confessing his crush to Gwyn, though his timing could have been a bit better.
    Morgan: Oh by my word Gwyn! Your the most breathtaking beauty I've seen in all my days! Teh! There I've said it. Thew, I feel the burden lifted already.
    Gwyn: ...Fine timing Morgan!
    • Mind you, they were buried up to their heads in sand at the moment. So it's understandable she'd be a bit cranky.
  • Jack and Morgan bonding over their shared problems, with Morgan confessing to Jack he had a pretty lonely childhood.
  • Jack willingly handing over the only piece of treasure he could recover (the rug he used to get Lily out of the treasure room) to Morgan.

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