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  • Gwyn exposing Supperstein's Goofy Print Underwear during their sword fight.
    Gwyn: Don't be dropping your drawers in the presence of a lady. (laughs as she kicks him in the butt while his back is turned)
  • Supperstein, Duckbone and Jolly Bob.
    • For example:
    Duckbone: If I had any sense I'd turn around now and go back to the ship.
    Jolly Bob: Well it's a bloody good thing you don't have any sense!
    Duckbone: That's right, and don't you forget it!
    Jolly Bob: Aye I wont! Now let's go.
    Duckbone: (pauses in thought for a moment, then walks on)
  • Landsharks and bubblegum, really?
  • While Blackbeard and Supperstein are looking for Jack and Morgan's group. Blackbeard orders Supperstein up a coconut tree.
    Blackbeard: And see you don't send none of those coconuts crashing down on me head. (coconut crashes down on his head and he falls unconscious)
    Supperstein: ...look out.
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  • As the heroes mobilize to face Blackbeard and his men.
    Jack: We fight!
    Gwyn: (pulls out her sword and cheers) God bless ye, Mad Jack!
    Jack: But not with swords.
    Gwyn: (lowers her sword, decidedly less happy) Aye! Then with what?
  • The conversation Supperstein and the Captain attempt to have while Jack's stereo plays some music way to loud.
    Supperstein: What be that noise, captain?
    Blackbeard: What?
    Supperstein: I said, "What BE that noise?!"
    Blackbeard: What?
    Supperstein: (music finally stops) I said, WHAT BE THAT INFERNAL RACKET?!
  • Morgan and Supperstein, glued back-to-back thanks to the tree sap on Supperstein's coat.
    Supperstein: I've got a prisoner!
  • Jack, Morgan and Dumas are sitting by the campfire, when one of the water bags start floating by...
    Jack Morgan Dumas: AHHHHH!

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